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    How would you rate episode 210?

    Yes, it would have been unrealistic to expect after a very successful first series to try to invest more money into it. It would have been really unrealistic to see the West burned by Robb, to see Riverrun. To see the Riverlands burning and to see the real horror of war. To see a bit of Storm`s End. To make people understand why Jon had to kill the Halfhand. It would have been unrealistic to show a circling eagle in the sky as they march and to show Ghost, just to get into the warg project. instead it`s realistic to show scenes about Jon and Ygritte talking about "knives" and "stones". It would have been unrealistic to see Robb as the strong king who beheads Karstark himself and marry a Westerling girl (as the Westerlings are bannermen of the Lannisters). Instead it was realistic to show him weak and with a who-knows-who-that-girl-was flirting and listening stories about how a slave saved her brother. Meh... It would have been unrealistic to show the prophecies in THoU, to show Rhaegar and the PWWP. To see the Undyings themselves and not just Pyat Pree (although i liked the scene when he walked into the destroyed throne room covered by snow and went over the wall). It would have been unrealistic to show the Bastard of Bolton and his tricks. It would have been unrealistic to Jaime not to kill Cleos Frey as a kinslayer is cursed by men and Gods (old and new) and it is the worst sin. As there could be future references to that. It would have been unrealistic to cook the Weasel soup and show the Brave Companions. And so on and on and on. You see, I really tried to enjoy the show and at most part I could. I tried not to `compare and contrast`. I talked to people who didn`t read the books and they absolutely loved it. But when I started to ask questions if they understood why things happened in the way the did they were really not sure. Maybe it`s my fault that I read the books three times and saw things differently in the show than i imagined them during reading and i wouldnt complain about that. But sorry, it can`t be my fault to NOT to see the things at all or see them completely twisted around. Im not talking about minor things. Im not talking about eye colours and make ups. Im talking about important plots (Bolton and Vargo Hoat, Westerlings and Tywin), main cities (Storm`s End, Riverrun) and main characters (Edmure Tully, Hoster Tully, Blackfish, Reeds, Bastard of Bolton, Big and Little Walders etc.) . I know HBO ordered only 10 episodes and they couldn`t show everything. But if they found time for showing us Renly and Loras in bed, Ygritte making jests about Jon`s man-needs, Tywin Lannister being the good fella and telling stories to a cupbearer then they could have been a bit `unrealistic` and show us a bit of the above things as well. Im very happy that so many people enjoyed the show but why should we who did not enjoyed it that much should shut our mouths and do not criticise it. People call us haters but we just feel sorry that a purely epic story was turned into an above the average TV show.
  2. Akisut84

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Ok, this episode was as the whole series should have been. Perfect. My mind was blown. And the guy who wrote the script really knows something aboult writing. ;) I hope he is going to write the scripts of every episodes of season 3.
  3. Mixed feelings again. I gave it a 6. So many things are missing and so many things are there what should not be there. I won`t go into details because the previous comments did that pretty well. I spoke to people who did not read the books and they all loved every episodes of the second series so far. I feel a little bit sorry for them though. They think this is great but they don`t realize that they would have had a so much better experience if they had read the books first. Watching the second series would never give me the same feelings as reading COK did. Alright it might be because I know the story but then why did I enjoy the first series so much?!
  4. I have got mixed feelings. At some points I said `Yeah, this is amazing. It gives me the same feelings watching it as I read the books` And at some stages I just felt a huge disappointment. Jaime`s character was ruined for me when he killed Cleos (Alton). By the way, they should have at least made an effort to show Riverrun. Tywin would have never let a servant so close to himself. I couldn`t believe they found only two hounds in the kennels`of Winterfell and the Krakens were such good riders. They should have found a thatched roofed mill where they `caught` Bran and Rickon. And hey, where are the Reeds? Ygritte still has whitened teeth and her hair conditioned beyond the wall. I suppose Ghost went hunting too long. The whole story in Qarth starts to get a little bit confusing. I just can`t see the end of it. Am I the only one who sees these things? Or I presume I just had too high expectations about the show. The good things: Harrenhall was pretty amazing. The costumes are just beautiful, especially the ones in Qarth. Charles Dance is brilliant. Rose Leslie said `You know nothing, Jon Snow`in the sexiest way ever. The soundtrack is still bang on. Looking forward to watch episode 8.