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    How would you rate episode 305?

    Interesting changes, but more nuances than substantive. The Cersei-Loras thing cracked me up. I can see Loras RUNNING to be in the Kingsguard now...
  2. Actually he was, remember he replaced Barristan in the 1st season and covered up Sansa with his white cloak in the 2nd when Joff was having her stripped and beaten.
  3. They should have cut from Jaime to Bran. It was very powerful when they did that a few back with Catelyn and Jon.
  4. Okay, not a Jamie fan but poor guy. What's with Varys' gimp-in-a-box? That's new...
  5. I think Howland and Blood Raven are the only ones -- but Bran will "see" it I'm guessing.
  6. towerofjoy

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    There's no way Arya and the hound don't make it to the Twins.
  7. Hey we got the full Monty from Theon in season 1...
  8. Haha - or the Westeros Health Organization...
  9. Sorry about that, but see the answer is out there - Gregor is the mean drunk Tywin was warning about.
  10. Sort of boring. Much of this season seems to be waiting for something to happen.
  11. towerofjoy

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Wait til they chop off his sword hand. Pity is a great catalyst for a change of heart on a character. Cersei's walk and Theon's castration/flaying are other examples of this phenomenon. There are villains and VILLAINS in ASOIAF. Joff and Ramsey - just nothing horrible enough there to change opinion.
  12. towerofjoy

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    My husband, non-book reader and casual watcher, figured out immediately they weren't the boys. When I asked where he thought they were, he didn't have a clue but figures they'd be pretty obvious out on the road. I like the Qarth changes, makes it more interesting. Cersei being so honest with Tyrion was a surprise but it won't last o course. Jon running around with his blue boys and Ygritte is somewhat annoying but a good set up for the next season or two. I can't quite figure out the Jeyne/talisa thing but think she's up to no good. Wonder if she'll have a change of heart later on and feel horrible about RW. And like the Tywin/Arya dynamic - and good to see Arya hasn't gone all Stockholm-y. Unlike her sister she knows better than to trust people just because they aren't threatening to rape/beat/kill her at every turn.
  13. I do really miss the general absence of animals - horses, dire wolves, dragons. I get all the reasons why but still a gap. That said, book Ghost was frequently separated from Jon and did his own thing. And book Summer and Shaggy were also separated from Bran and Rickon for most of COK. So it's not really a big departure. But Greywind was constantly with Robb - and this IS significant later. Also will be interesting if Greywind takes a dislike to Talisa if she really is a spy/in on the betrayal later. And if Cat notices and that's a source of tension between her an Robb. Even with the changes, I think the show will basically end up in the same place as the books at the end of the season.