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    [ADWD SPOILERS] Guide to the POVs So You Know Where To Post

    Just finished the book and wanted to say thank you for doing this. I'm still new here and this is the first book forum I've been on where they had chapter by chapter comments like this. I loved it and got so much more from the book by reading them, I think I read every single comment on every chapter! And also the POV guide was so helpful. Thanks Xray!
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    Hi everyone, I have been here a few weeks but just realizing this was here so wanted to say hi. I had heard about the tv series but don't have HBO so hadn't seen it. Then I read a rave review of Dance With Dragons and decided to try the series. I started reading AGOT and fell in love with the series. I then looked to see if there was a website and found this and fell in love with that too! I love all the theories and the way it's set up so you ca start posting no matter which book you're on-and even chapter by chapter for book five. Looking forward to reading and posting more.