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    How would you rate episode 210?

    5, a mediocre finale of a mediocre season.. The only thing i liked in this season is scenery and armors/outfits of the cast. In comparison to s1 this season was so shit its tragic. Dannys acting while she was chained? - so bad (excluding the fact that the whole chaining stuff was terrible) Dragons throwing flames like flamethrowers was silly.. Xaro all of the sudden being macho, instead of loving boys. Danny taking over the city with an newly spawned army all of the sudden? BOOK SPOILER THAT MANDON MOORE WAS CERSEI CATSPAW Snowing in kings landing? Major spoiler.. either the winter came lol or jon is sitting on the throne - which is kinda the same. Qorin "storyline", instead of beeing the most feared nightswatch guy MEh.. could go on forever.. but cannot be arsed. They better let 1 guy write stories for next season for more consistency.. this was shit.