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  1. What is on your mind?

  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that reading and prayers is giving your mind some rest. :grouphug: In the literature forum, in Misc, you could find ideas for more books to read if you wish, if you haven't seen that subforum already. Just be aware of the spoiler threads of certain books or series. Welcome to the forums QITN!
  3. Happy holidays people!

  4. nope, I was wrong. Nothing. Not a thing.

  5. Back to Mordor

  6. nothing

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    2. Eyron



    3. N/A


      well, i'm people (i think) and you got me , so we're good ,no ? :)

    4. Eyron


      um sure, we're fine.

  7. kicks down shield, who needs it anyway?!

  8. rebuilding shield

  9. Samurai, The Time Has Come To Fight!

    1. Lummel


      If you say so!

    2. Eyron


      I do!

      Are you a Samurai? I never knew! :D

  10. Wow congratulations to you and your partner! I hope all goes well, and we'll see you back here when things settle down at home :) Eta: welcome DarkGeomancer!
  11. Greetings, Gord! Welcome to the board.
  12. Hi Alicia! Welcome to the board, and I hope you have a great time :) Cercei is a brave choice of favourite character :D She's one of mine as well. Bad person (in my opinion), but great reading. But that's a discussion for the book threads so I'll leave it at that!
  13. Hi and welcome chongjasmine! Have a good time on the forums :)
  14. On a Quest

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    2. Eyron


      Just questing in general, nothing special.

      *silently draws sword*

  15. Welcome The Shadow Wolf, House Lunny, ser_martin, Sans Visage, Iron Islander77 and Gort! I hope you all will enjoy the forums :)
  16. Greetings and welcome to Westeros, Mikado. So far I'd say your English is perfect, but I'm no native speaker myself either :) I hope you have lots of fun in the forums!
  17. *puts the pebbles neatly back in their place* Don't disturb the water... :uhoh: Hi rings and welcome to the board!
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