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  1. miguel sanchez

    How would you rate episode 310?

    This is the first episode where I'm really losing faith in the show. Gave 5/10, lowest score I've given.
  2. miguel sanchez

    How would you rate episode 306?

    Hmm, thanks for posting those stats, Ran! I voted for eps 1-6 this season: 7, 8, 8, 9, 9, 7, which corresponds pretty well with the averages the forum got. Last season I dished out 3 6's though, haven't given a 6 yet in season 3, and probably won't. The last 4 episodes should all be awesome, so much great material there to get through. ...Then there's next season (!!)
  3. miguel sanchez

    How would you rate episode 209?

    That kicked raw ass! So many of those scenes were fuckin' perfect. The actors fuckin' nailed those classic lines from the book. Bronn and the gold cloaks singing the rains of castamere, an awesome inclusion. The wildfire explosion: off the fuckin' chain!! The violence! The Hound, Stannis, Bronn, all extremely badass! Oh and that whole scene with Cersei and Sansa was really fantastic and true to the book, like I thought Lena Headey was a fairly good Cersei but now it's elevated to a damn near perfect Cersei. The hound walking out was great, as was Joffrey being a little puss and better still was Tyrion getting his moment as the hero, great battle speach. And then he gets to kill some guys! I loved it when Tyrion kills guys when I was reading. And then you fuckin' have Tywin riding in at the end and Cersei's little story to Tommen and, ahem, 'medicine', Tyrion gettin' hacked and Pod saving him... ahh man whole ending was brilliant. I loved Stannis having to be dragged away from the battle yelling "stand and fight damn you!", it's so Stannis, dude is nothing if not determined. Gave it a fuckin' 10. Fuckin' aye. I've given one 9 and two 8s but this is my first fuckin' perfect 10!
  4. miguel sanchez

    How would you rate episode 202?

    good points: arya + gendry = super cute tyrion's dismissal of janos slynt sallador saan was spot on! balon was superb, finally the audience might "get" theon yoren was proper badass pyke was beautiful, my girlfriend commented on it immediately davos. mixed feelings: craster and jon cliffhanger. I agree with whoever speculated that jon will wake up the next day and craster will deny everything. whole scene was a bit clunky though, didn't feel right. yara greyjoy. asha is one of my favourites and I'm not so sure about the actress playing her. The meeting with theon did NOT live up to how great that scene was in the book stannis and mel. we all know they've been making babies shadows. Didn't expect stannis to enjoy it so much. Mel manipulating him with the need for a son seemed like unecessary justification for him to sex her. tyrion puts bronn in charge of the gold cloaks?? book tyrion is not that silly, but tv audiences would not even understand the complexities of westeros well enough to understand why that is stupid. so it doesn't really matter. don't care: rakharo dies. served a purpose to remind us that dany has enemies at all sides. the question is will they kill doreah in the wastes? imo they'll keep her alive for a lot longer dolorous ed's "witticisms" weren't funny. they better make him funnier. the sex scenes. imo they should serve more of a purpose, but I'm not grabbing torch and pitchfork over it. Some people on here are such prudes apparrently. "semen! oh my!" bad points: ros + littlefinger. wasn't as bad as that cersei + littlefinger scene last week. joffrey ordered the killing of the bastards. I guess they want cersei to be slightly less hateable or something? why? still dirty about the lack of patchface. shadows come to dance my lord I gave this episode a 7, last week I gave a 6. Hopefully next week we'll get catelyn + renly's entourage. also sansa and robb were missed. Still wondering how they'll handle the north situation with no reek or reeds cast.
  5. miguel sanchez

    How would you rate episode 201?

    wow. I agree with you to the word, and I saw the first season before I even read the books. I hold out hope for the show. I can't wait to see certain scenes from storm of swords. Fingers crossed they can do that epic book justice in seasons 3 and 4.
  6. miguel sanchez

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    The real problem is that Bill Bailey is hilarious and Aeron completely lacks humour and a sense of fun.