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  1. Cordero Castellano (better eaten in an Asador de Avila). Well, as we are not going to have a proper firewood oven, we may adapt to an electric oven: 1 Lechal, or recental (little older than lechal, just starting eating grass) lamb, cut in two (left and right). the butcher has to give some cuts to easy the portions to be divided. Yo may separe the parts, the ribbs from its legs and head. garlic, onion (small onions are best, French ones suit), potatoes, green pepper, salt, rosemary, parsil, a leaf of laurel, water and of course, olive oil. Brandy or Cognac ( a quarter of a glass). You may need a brush to paint the lamb with olive oil. Rub the lamb with garlic, latter you'll use the pieces of Garlic, put them in the cuts made by the butcher (or by you), but do it without breaking the lot into pieces... Peel the potatoes and you may cut them into slices or if you prefer, squares... or any way you prefer for potatoes in the oven... paint the lamb with olive oil... and put it on an oven rack/grille... some may prefer to have it inside the tray or in a mud bowl with olive oil and water... with the species and so on... In the tray, fill it with some water, a splash of olive oil, salt, rosemary, laurel, parsil, and a tooth of garlic. But I prefer to have it in the grille, so it pours its fat into the tray, where you have water, olive oil, salt, species... and the lamb roasts better... others prefer to have the lamb more greasy, so they put it inside the tray while cooking. You have to heat the oven (250ºC) for 10 minutes. and then put the lamb and the tray with the sausage (put the onions here) in the oven, put the temperature dawn, to 220ºC or even lower (I prefer 180 and a couple of hours cooking), depending in the time you've got (it is much better to spend more time cooking it)... in half an hour, you may turn the lamb upside down to let both parts cook well, and pour the brandy/cognac over it... after other half an hour it may be donne... It is wise to cook the potatoes in other tray, and in the second half an hour, so they don't burn... You may change the lamb for pig (and then Segovia), or goat (Salamanca)... long is Castilla... Castilla = Land of Castles (one of the Crowns and kingdoms of Spain). Castellano = someone from Castilla (like me). Castellano = the owner, holder of a Castle Castellano = Languaje from Castilla (aka Spanish). Spanish Crowns: Castilla, Aragon, Navarra, Granada. Portugal is a free crown. Separated since 1648 (even a few years before). Kingdoms belonging to each: Castilla: owned the kingdom of Castilla, the kingdom of Leon, the kingdom of Galicia, the American Vice Kingdoms, several African territories, the Philipines, Cochinchina (Vietnam)... the muslim Kingdom of Granada (3 of January 1492) and the kingdom of Navarra (1512), became asimilated to Castilla... Aragon: Kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Valencia, Principate of Catalonia, Kingdom of Baleares (conquered by Jaime I)... duchies of Atica and Neopatria (in Greece), almost all Italy (until the 18th Century)... except for the Pontificial states, the Duchy of Venice and some vassal lords in Italy... Crown of Portugal: Kingdom of Portugal, Brazilian Empire (Empire during the 19th Century), and several territories in Africa and Asia.
  2. Gazpacho Andaluz There are too many receipes for Gazpacho (one for each mother in Andalucia)... What do you need (cuantities depends on the flavour and the people who may eat this): Tomatoes (red ones, good for frying)... at least a kilogram Cucumber (at least half a kilogram, and one more for topping) green pepper (italian ones may fit well, at least a quarter of a Kg) garlic (1 tooth) one onion (more if it is small). hardened bread (this was very useful in the past, now not too much, but you can add it as topping). salt, suggar (this is to fight tomato accid) and of course Olive Oil (remember that most olives of the world come from Andalucia, like most of the Italian Olive oil sold in the US, only in the province of Jaen, they produce more olives than in the whole Italy)... Well now you need a mixing robot... and you start: peel the tomatoes (this way they are less accid), the cucumbers as well (some people prefer not to do this), add the pepper, and the onion, a tooth of garlic (some people would like to add 2) in a big recipient and mix it with your favourite mixing robot (or any medieval tool if you prefer, but then, don't forget using wet hardenned bread)... add the olive oil (at least 4 soup spoons), a pinch of salt, a couple of dessert spoons of sugar, and if you wish, a little red wine vinegar (a trickle). If you wish, you can add some toppings, such as hardened (by time) bread, some cucumber (cut into small squares), and the other components... you may also add some spice, such as pepper, or oregano, rosemary... It is a very easy to do meal... red, tasty soup, very good in Mediterranean Summers... or for lovely Dornish days... ;-) Remember, serve cold... so put it into the fridge to cold it...
  3. Well, I'm an Spanish fan, from Madrid, reading the books in English, very bad translation into Castellano (commonly called Spanish) by a Catalonian (Spain has several official languajes, Catalonian is other)... played AGoT card games with Greyjoy faction, tried everything, even making a character a ship... :-P also play AGoT RPG... Example of bad translation: Bannermen (abanderado) is translated as banderizo (also in HBO serie). Well, the translator may not now any man (no father, no brothers, no sibblings, no boyfriends) ... beacause there is a famous underwear 4 men company with that name in Spain... Other problem I find is that Reek rymes with freak or weak, but Hediondo (Reek), doesn't with monstruo or débil. After a couple of moments of crazy Philosophy... I have to say that I enjoy reading Martin's. Not only ASoIaF but also any other thing... now I'm reading the Death of the Light... in Castellano, because I can't find the English version in the English libraries :-( (love going to libraries, taking the book in my hands... and so on). The HBO serie is sad... because you loose too much... not only in scenes you don't see, like Sansa visiting the Queen the night before ... in chapter 7... but also for the feelings of the Characters... you can't understand Sansa's love for Geoffrey after seeing the serie... or Daenerys feelings to his brother or Drogo... why she gets in love with him... Hope that they build a very extended version... And well... I hope that the publishers let us read the following books before next century ;-) because I believe that Martin has them writen long time ago... too many spoilers in the card game... Some people haven't understand the 4th-5th book (they are one single book)... it is a transition book... I hope to see some kind of popular revolution, after the War on Religions and the fall of the big (and lesser) houses...
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