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  1. ViserionsFire

    Will R+L=J Deliver?

    I wonder what Jon will think, knowing that his "father" sent him to the Wall and telling him he'd explain who his mother was after he'd taken his KW vows. That way with Jon already at the Wall "until his death" Ned wouldn't have to worry about Robert's rage or how Jon would react to being the true heir to the Targaryen's. Jon will always identify being Stark but once he learns of his heritage will he fault Ned's cowardice in not telling him and embrace being a dragon.
  2. ViserionsFire

    Is Sansa threatened by Ayra?

    This isn't to hijack the thread, but it wasn't only Sansa's look at what Area has shown. There was Littlefinger looking at Arya after hearing that she said that she learned how to fight being "no one". Then there was Arya's look to Littlefinger knowing that he heard her say "no one." Littlefinger came from Bravos. How much would he know of the "Faceless" Arya's return look seemed like she sensed danger from Littlefinger, that he may have found her out. Sansa came to Castle Black after Jon came back from the dead. She saw Bran return and able to reveal past events as if he was there and now see's Arya fights unlike any fighter that she's ever seen. All those that she grew up with and in some degree with distain are now showing how formidable they have become. Even with all that Sansa has gone through, she's beginning to recognize that each of her siblings has some great talent of their own and she is still attempting to discover her own extraordinary talent
  3. ViserionsFire

    Daenerys' strategic skills

    The person who had been advising her from the beginning is heading to her. The reunion will be interesting with Tyrion being her Hand. Also, Jon is still on Dragonstone and this get together with the man who's father exiled Jorah and the man who was Steward to Jorah's father. It will be interesting to see how Jorah relates to Jon now that Lyanna is Jon's staunch ally and with Jon weilding Longclaw. Also, Dany doesn't have a Maester. I'd think both Jorah and Jon would put in a good word for Sam, which would lead to an interesting Tarly plot. And perhaps Sam will bring the original scroll about Jon's true linage.
  4. ViserionsFire

    Why Daenerys Dayne may not be a ridiculous idea.

    The Sealord of Braavos giving Viserys and Daenarys shelter at his home would makes sense. When coming to Kings Landing after the Battle at the Trident, Ned found the treasury full and later as Hand was astonished to find Westeros nearly bankrupt under Robert. So, at the time during RR, Braavos didn't have any financial claim on Westeros and could take the Targaryen heirs in to assist them in taking back the throne. Later, as Littlefinger began borrowing from the Iron Bank the opportunity for gain shifted from potential profit to actual with Westeros indebtedness. So,when a new Sealord took office, the Targaryen's were sent packing.
  5. ViserionsFire

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Selmy has been the eyes to provide background of Aerys reign, including events when Tywin was Hand. Just because he hasn't let us know many of the background mysteries that are still outstanding, doesn't mean he he won't in the future. Also, currently he rules in Dany's absence. His POV gives insight into who may well become the decision maker as well as the power behind Dany's army. If all goes his way in Meereen, even when Dany reunites with him, she may ask him to take a separate path then the one she travels when they head to Westeros. Therefore providing his own storyline and need for POV.
  6. ViserionsFire

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    Yes, I agree. My impression when reading the chapter was that even though Robb's Bannermen tried to protect him, the tragedy was the Frey's and Bolton betrayal and the brutal killing of both Robb and Cat. The amount of expense that HBO would have to shell out to create the book image of the RW would be astronomical. I think they did a great job of transferring what the book intent and feeling was to the screen. Remember, there are only a few pages dedicated to the betrayal in the book, and the screen time provided opportunities for everyone in the scene to give convincing performances. That the scenes focus was primarily on Cat, allowed her to give a terrific performance in revealing first her anger, then her desperation, and eventually turning numb with grief. I read this chapter a couple of months ago, and other than the Talisa part, I think they really followed the book. The part where Arya gets within the Castle grounds to see how Robb's Bannermen were killed was different than the the book. But,this may add to her characters development which has grown immensely during the past 2 seasons.
  7. ViserionsFire

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    The RW was Epic, one of the most disturbing scenes ever put on television. I re-read the chapter a couple of months ago, and the scene played out nearly as I remembered it in the book. I have to give lot's of credit for getting it pitch perfect. I was watching it with a mother-to-be who was invested in the Stark retribution. She was demoralized. I also got goose bumps with the exchanges between Arya and Sandor. "I'm going to put a blade in your eye" Arya must make Clegane wonder what little shedevil he's got on his hands. This young one is someone who talks to him without fear, threatens him, and is able to deter him from being his naturally ruthless self (like how she stopped him from killing the farmer with his goods). Each season, Arya's character has developed exponentially. The first season she was playing the little tough girl. The second season she was living the tough girl to survive the likes of Tywin's bunch. This season, she has grown beyond the little girl into actually being a young woman that can look into the soul and stare down the toughest man in Westeros. What a future we're going to be getting in the next few seasons
  8. ViserionsFire

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    It's interesting that the TV producers haven't included prophesies given to Cercei by Maggy the Frog and those given to Dany by Quaithe as well as those from woodswitch the "Ghost of High Heart" in the series. The prophesies that came from them contribute greatly to the book forums. Cercei reflects on Maggy's prophesy, I don't think Arya has reflected on the woodswitch's comments to her yet, but she may soon with the direction she's heading. Dany is puzzled over Quaithe's prophesies, and would like clarification. In the books, the prophesies given have come true and form the basis for these characters decisions.
  9. ViserionsFire

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    As far a Barristan coming to his demise during the battle for Meereen, I'm having a hard time believing that. So far, he's one of the few remaining people in the book and the only POV of someone present that can give testimony to the critical events since Aegon at Summerhall, how Aery's came to the throne, what really happened at Harrenhall and the possible likelihood regarding several plot lines that were developed in ADwD (Griff, YG and possibly Lemore). Further, he is part of the Illyrio connection as are Dany and Tyrion which I think may start to draw Tyrion's suspicion as to who Illyrio is if that is brought to light. If during the battle, Vic starts plowing through everyone, whether they are on the Yunkish side or on Dany's, perhaps Ben Plumm may have already turned to Dany's camp and he and Tyrion help rescue Barristan from Vic's onslaught.
  10. I wonder if Brienne bringing Jaime to Lady Stoneheart is a plotline to inform Stoneheart of the betrayal that Petyr Baelish has done to all that she holds dear. I believe that Jaime knew that Baelish sent a girl pretending to be Arya Stark to the Bolton's. Word must have gone out and Jaime must have heard that Baelish has also pronounced himself to be the guardian of “Sweet Robin” Arryn and Lord Protector of the Vale after Lysa’s death. This is information that Lady Stoneheart would not be aware of and once she finds out she may determine that Baelish’s maneuverings are not from someone as dear as a “little brother” but that he has been conspiring against all she has loved since Robert Arryn’s death. Also, Lady Stoneheart doesn’t know that “Oathkeeper” was reforged from “Ice.” This may not appear to be a big reveal, but the sentiment that the sword of House Stark being reforged to be a Lannister heirloom will probably add to her anger. So, Jaime arriving with information is a plot line that moves Lady Stoneheart towards a confrontation with Peryr.