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  1. The show has certainly lost its magic in the second half of the season, excepting Blackwater. It's like they stopped trying. But, I'm optimistic about season 3 and ACoK is my least favorite, so I don't mind too much. They'll have more screentime for ASoS as it's spread over 2 seasons. They'll have a higher budget, and they won't need to blow it all on a single episode (Blackwater was a curse IMO, I liked it but I wouldn't have missed it too much if it meant higher production value for the other nine episodes). And they'll hopefully have learnt from their experience and mistakes with season 2. So... another 10 month wait huh!
  2. akajea

    How would you rate episode 209?

    10/10. SanSan was a bit disappointing. Cersei was fucking AMAZING!
  3. 1. They ruined Arya. Theon and "Yara"... hmm... "Cunt again? It was odd how men like Suggs used that word to demean women when it was the only part of a woman they valued." - Asha Greyjoy. Tyrion and his stupid whore - It works in the books as Tyrion's patheticity is actually emphasized. In the show however, he is portrayed as a handsome badass, so his falling in love with a whore just makes no fucking sense. Wasted screentime. Robb and Talisa/Jeyne - Boring dialogue and a sex scene. Made Robb even stupider than he was in the books. At least in the books he had a reason, here it's just hormones which is funny because his actor isn't even a teenager like in the books. The last scene with Luwin, Osha, Bran and Rickon was great. I can't remember any other good parts beyond that though, as my mind is clouded by their destruction of Arya. EDIT: Oh yeah, I liked Stannis and Davos. They've been good this season. These two good scenes can raise my score to a 1.1.
  4. The killing of Amory Lorch was a great idea, although a bit poorly executed. They needed a way to expend Arya's second kill on someone worthless without leaving people scratching their heads wondering why she didn't kill Tywin. It succeeded in this regard. The problem however is that she ran through a crowded courtyard being chased by a knight, and got away with it. Another problem is that Amory dropped dead in Tywin's room, most likely carrying the letter. They exchanged a completely unbelievable situation, for an only slightly unbelievable situation. Anyway, it worked well enough. Looking forward to her third name.
  5. Wow, so fucking intense. Best episode yet! I knew the second half of the season would be insane, same as season 1.
  6. 1/10. Ducksauce called Dany the first of her name. What about Daenerys, daughter of Aegon IV? Or does your name only get recorded if you are monarch? If that's the case, I apologize. 10/10. Maisie needs an Emmy.