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  1. No, it wasn't. They could have given screen time to Jeyne Westerling and her "comforting" of Robb as well. That isn't the issue. Nice touch? Maybe for those who like anachronistic, out of place spunk... personally I thought her sob story was cliched and eye-rollingly lame.
  2. Fantastic episode. Someone give an Emmy to Lena Heady, she stole the episode and was 100% Cersei. Sophie Turner was also wonderful. They're really coming into their roles, it's so nice to see. I wish the previous episodes had shown Ser Dontos and his note to Sansa to explain why she wouldn't go with the Hound. Of course, she just might not want to go with the Hound because he's a drunken brute... ;) but still, I'm annoyed at the lack of Ser Dontos this season, though that's not really a problem with this episode. Speaking of which, was that him juggling?? At first I thought "hey, it's Moonboy" but someone on WiC said it was Ser Dontos. He flashed by so quickly I didn't even recognize him. :lol: Hah, well come to think of it, both actors are German... ;) Nitpick: Hearteater isn't a Valyrian sword, it's just a normal sword. Widow's Wail is the Valyrian sword he gets as a wedding gift from Tywin (who melted down Ice :( to make it and Oathkeeper).
  3. Best episode of the season. Up there with the Pointy End and Baelor (my two favourites of the series). Gave it a 10 despite my nitpicks. Yes, I would have wished for something even bigger, with sweeping shots of massive armies outside of King's Landing, etc etc... but it's TV, not a 60-million dollar movie. And with the little budget they had, they did a fantastic job. Lena Heady stole the show, IMO. What a perfect, perfect Cersei.
  4. I assume you were responding to woweezowee and not the post above yours? Cause, well, I love The Wire but I pretty much agree.
  5. What the hell? So even if a scene is absurd and a plot hole, it should be absolved from criticism because it's "exciting and entertaining"? How preposterous. If a scene makes no sense, then it's badly-written, regardless of whether or not it's "exciting". And AGoT is easily as deep as The Wire (the book, at least, the show isn't precisely because they focus on cheap entertainment rather than the depth of the story and characters), just because it's fantasy and not a modern setting doesn't mean it's just fluffy entertainment.
  6. Asserting something doesn't make it true. Even Robb agreed later than Sansa was a more powerful hostage politically than Jaime...
  7. Apologies, but it is bad writing and you are dumb for failing to recognize it. (See how I can be insulting and passive-aggressive at the same time, too? Oh, and cut the strawman will you, no one has said anything about the episode lacking in tits and explosions FFS.) Yeah, so? This is the Internet, get over it. Why would the forum have rules against "insulting" non-forum members? It makes sense to have a rule against insulting forum members because otherwise it'd go out of control and degenerate into an unpleasant 4chan-like hellhole. It makes no sense to have a rule against insulting 3rd parties. In any case, I haven't seen anyone be "abusive towards anyone and everyone involved". More straw. The worst I've seen were people rudely commenting on actress's physical appearance. I think it's crass and stupid but I don't see why that should be against the ToS. lol, drama queen much. Maybe these people just need to get thicker skins. This is the Internet, what did they expect? Also, it's weird because I haven't really seen a whole lot of vitriol towards these two. Most of it has been targeted at D&D or poor Gemma Whelan. Go figure.
  8. From the books, you are correct, but in the TV series they changed that and Cersei did have a stillborn baby. Why this change, you ask? Because fuck you is why. ;)
  9. Buckwheat, you said "since when can Shae read?". When was she shown to be reading? I didn't notice at all. A minor nitpick, to be sure, but I'm curious. Anyway, TV-Shae was apparently highborn, so I guess it's not that surprising. Personally I'm more puzzled about Bronn's literacy, lol.
  10. Think it's funny how people apologize for the terribad Dany storyline by saying it "spices things up" and "gives her something to do", when absolutely nothing happened and they're just dragging things along. :)
  11. Pretty damn ironic post considering the Robb romance is nothing more than fanfiction from D&D... And why the hell not? Whatever happened to "it's not TV, it's HBO"? Also, if you ever watched the Wire, remember Bodie, Poot and Wallace. Arya slitting a guy's throat to escape from a dangerous place is tame compared to that.
  12. Huh? What? Citation plz. Uh, yeah, they did need to show his falling-in-love-and-marriage on-screen... that's not what people are objecting to. They're objecting because the storyline D&D wrote is cliché, boring, unbelievable and stupid. Except, you know, Catelyn didn't even tell Robb that this was the reason she freed Jaime. Instead she just looked stupid and pathetic. Funny, I feel the same about your bitching. *facepalm* People aren't disappointed because there wasn't a scene called that literally... they are disappointed that Arya didn't use Jaqen's name to participate in an awesome scheme that resulted in a slaughterhouse, which is very important for Arya's development, and they're disappointed that she didn't even get to kill her own guard while escaping. When they say "no weasel soup, boo!" they mean that there isn't even a similar scene that would replace what was referred to as the "weasel soup" in the book. Of course it wouldn't be called that in the TV show, but that's not the point. "Tiny detail with no long-term significance"? Ugh, yeah, nevermind the House of Black and White and the Faceless Men and the whole assassin-in-training thing...
  13. No chain, no weasel soup, no Arya killing her own guard to escape Harrenhal, Catelyn's character is nearly destroyed, Jon/Qhorin is meh, Dany is annoying, almost nothing happened in this episode. Barf. 4/10, worst one yet. But hey, at least we got the story of Talissa! :rolleyes: Fuck you, D&D. "We really love and really respect the source material", my ass, you keep raping it for no reason and missing the point of the characters. Give the scripts to writers who know what they're doing, please.
  14. People throw around the word "e-bully" as soon as someone shows a bit of snark. Ignore 'em, they're pussies. (And now I bet that comment makes me a bully. :D) Jesus Christ, of course not. Are you for real? Arya calls everyone and everything that annoys her "stupid". She's a tomboy and doesn't like girly things, so she calls those stupid as well. That's all there is to it. For crying out loud...
  15. Good job, you've addressed... exactly zero of her points. Pearsl before swine, Eva. I'm afraid you're wasting your breath.
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