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  1. A great episode overall: Tyrion owned every second of his camera time, Theon and Greyjoys were fantastic, Sam & Gilly scene ... they need more of those! Brienne was.. just... proper adjective to describe my many feelings not yet invented the only problem - Shae Can someone please explain to me why Tyrion still hasn't slapped her bitch-ass off the highest tower? I wasn't exactly a fan of her in the books, but at least book-Shae was sweet in all her airhead~ness and could sound lovey-dovey to her Lion of Lannister when needed.... tv-Shae is nothing but rude! She couldn't even be passably polite in her new handmaid job to Sansa
  2. and why can't a Sand Snake be white exactly? The show been veering off book so much, why can't ye old Dorne boy charm himself a Highgarden milkmaid and get a white daughter? as for Craster - ok, he doesn't need to be filthy looking, as in dirty. My bad. BUT he still doesn't sound or look creepy and bastardly and just batshit as the book version... If the scene before didn't bring up daughter-fucking and the mystery of what happens to the sons... I never would have known the guy is batshit from the way he holds himself Watch Frey - in first 5 seconds all the creep~factors are shown loud and clear. Craster, not so much
  3. while you guys are all trading direwolves nitpicks... can we talk for a second about Craster? just like Shae is clearly written as a Sand Snake, Craster is now clearly Manse. No really, look at him again - instead of Late Lord Frey the remix we get this big healthy clean guy who speaks like he's in a radio-play. Thats Manse ( in my head at least when reading books) through and through! .... at this rate, they'll have to up it up a notch and Manse will just be Sherlock or The Master
  4. When anyone tells you habits die hard they’re lying - it seems they never die at all

  5. Mercy. There's a bloody trap

  6. The Others take our onion . . . and that flaming heart

  7. Reek, reek, it rhymes with OH MAN I'M FUCKED!

  8. Well, this is gonna fail. You guys go home, I'm heading up North to take the black

  9. When night gathers and the red star bleeds something big happens, hang tough

  10. #GameofTradingCards fading issues? Frey and Bolton cards keep changing colors....

  11. Cheap printing & cheaper ink: the entire "Honor" stats line can be just scratched off with fingernail on most Frey cards #GameOfTradingCards

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