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  1. “Those are brave men, knocking on our door. Let’s go kill them!” What a great line
  2. This was a fantastic episode, that EXPLOSION was immense. Peter Dinklage deserves an oscar (I know its not a movie but he desreves it anyway). The fear and emotion ("what have I done") he showed when he saw the wildfire reek havoc was brilliant. Bravo! Varys, the Hound, Bronn, Sansa, Cersei etc were also brilliantly portrayed in this episode. I give it a 9.5/10
  3. I thought this was a weak episode even though I knew they were trying to set things up for the final two episodes. It did have some good scenes; Tyrion/Cersei, Tyrion/Varys and Theon was played really well. I'm not a fan of the Robb/"first aid chick" scenes (although I got to see boobies). Who gives a flying toss about Volantis?
  4. I have mixed feelings about this episode. I was really looking forward to seeing Riverrun this season seeing as that's where Jaime was set free from. But it seems like the show is taking a different angle on this development. I really haven't liked the whole Robb and first aid girl dynamic, it's just not doing it for me and betrays the shock of the Westerling marriage. Jon has been wasted the last couple of episodes, not sure how they're going to explain the turncloak assignment. The Arya/Tywin dynamic works for me though.
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