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  1. @jaqenhghar I don't even know why I am taking any time to talk to you. You strike me as one of the typical "always right on the forum" types. I'm not saying that you truly are, or that such a type exists, but it does in my head. xD Have a nice day.
  2. What exactly am I doing? I have criticized what needed to be criticized (maybe not in this topic), but I have the right to like the show and try to understand why the writers are doing the things they are doing. Also, I have the right to not give a damn that the show is making some big changes. But if I decide to keep watching, I am not going to come here and cry about everything I didn't like. Also, you didn't see me quoting everyone who said something I disagree with and telling them they are crazy and/or stupid for thinking so. I am sorry I suggested that you should not watch the show if you don't like it and if it aggravates you. Please do watch and maybe throw a chair into your tv/computer the next time you feel annoyed because D&D have made a not so smart decision or have changed something that you think was not supposed to be changed.
  3. That's pretty much it. xD And criticizing is okay. Hell, I've done it too for the final episode. But jaqhen here didn't criticize the show, he went and tried to dispute everyone's argument, not by facts, but by his personal views. That's just bitching around. And I'm pretty sure he intended to insult me a little with the "strawman argument" thing, but it's fine. I'm just such a nice person. :P
  4. Frankly, I'm not here often, so I don't really care as much. I just don't understand the existence of "haters" as a whole. Maybe it's masochism. :) Hm. Let's say you get a baby dragon... Would you figure it all out in an instant? :)
  5. jaqenhghar, my word of advice to you is - stop watching the show. No one is forcing you to. Read the books a 1000 times and be happy with them. Why would you watch something that annoys you? No one says that you should watch the show just because you read the books. If you don't like it, don't watch and chill. You don't have a responsibility as a fan to set things right. Oh, and Dany's dragons were fed by her.They didn't eat for themselves. They were babies and couldn't breathe fire. She was probably roasting the meet for them herself.
  6. Okay. I remember now, too. My mistake. :) Now I don't really get the point of the pyre scene (except the dragon hatching).
  7. I think she is impervious to dragonfire in the books, too. ADWD Spoiler: As for her arc in the second season, I think the whole point of it was her getting involved in politics and schemes, so she can learn a lesson there as well. I like when things are different in the show because it keeps me interested in watching it.
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