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  1. [email protected] @katieglueck says prostitute fucking Ted?!? Hahaha #amandacarpenter #sarahisgurflores #katrinapierson #cruzsexscandal #lyinted

  2. @AP_Sports @rodbabers @BaseballHall why is everyone so convinced he didn't take PEDs??? #naive Griffey better than Nolan Ryan?? Ahhhhahahaha

  3. @CNN @HowardStern @SIRIUSXM @CNNMoney what about the rest of world that doesn't have Sirius. i thought Howard was about to be famous again

  4. @BI_Sports @rodbabers @HoustonTexans take a shot on Peyton. Nothing to lose (although he REALLY finally looks past it)

  5. @HBO @GameOfThrones Funny; the Writing is BY FAR the weakest element of game of thrones. Especially this past season.

  6. I don't want to sound like a misogynist, but Asha is supposed to be hot. Isn't she supposed to be hot? It's been so long since I read her physical description by GRRM, but I sure have been picturing her as a sexy brunette, who's sexual deviance really turned me on. This actress may have a great personality in real life, but she really doesn't do it for me in the looks department.
  7. Interestingly to readers, Margery acknowledges Renly and Loras' relationship, and is more than okay with Renly getting his nut in whatever way he has to. She is so much older in the show that it really changes the sexual dynamic that is so important to her story.
  8. I keep seeing people say the scene between Sansa and Shae was no good. But if you think about it, they are really just staying true to the book and the crap that was that chapter. PWND hahaha
  9. 3 posts in a row.....apologies, but Sir Loras just said that Margery was a "virgin officially," implying she may not be (bro sis incest with her bisexual brother?). It could also just be a line included for viewers since the actress playing her is in her early twenties. However, I don't think that bodes well for her and her impending trial with the Faith, presumably at the beginning of Winds of Winter. I do believe that her trial will not go the way we are supposed to expect it will, and her execution will set off a firestorm of violence from the Tyrells (finally).
  10. On another note, I can't wait to see the armor of Renly's men and just how ugly this Brienne is really going to be.
  11. I can't recall when and exactly why Craster did tell the Watch to get out of his keep; obviously it wasn't because Jon followed him into the woods to give a male baby to an Other.
  12. Who'd like a banger in the mouth? Oh right, I forgot, here in the States you call it a sausage in the mouth.......We just call it a sausage

  13. Tottenham v Bolton FA Q'Final was just abandoned 41minute, 1-1, after Fabrice Muamba collapsed at mid field from an apparent seizure.

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