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  1. I loved that scene too. I felt a very Nazi vibe in the cinematography, which made it really powerful!
  2. I gave it a 5. I know... a bit harsh! It was a good season, overall! But this episode for me was just a lackluster! The house of the undying was when I first put together the whole L+R=J theory, that I later came to find out that it was pretty popular, when I joined this forum... I know it's just a theory, but I came to accept it as almost truth, and I really wanted to see how the series was gonna deal with that... Ignoring the whole passage was just a big disappointment. Also, all of the ones loyal to Dany were betraying her or dying. I mean... it's interesting, but her life was already hard enough with the few friends she had! Another thing was the burning of winterfell! That moment was hugely emotional for me. And in the series it was treated as "whatever". They burned the castle! Eh... Other than that, the episode was nice! Jaqen was great! And so was Tyrion! And really, I just love Natalie Dormer! And as for the splitting of the Stark kids, here's to hoping they'll introduce the Reeds next season to promote that! :cheers:
  3. I gave a 7... It was honest and fair, but not spectacular... I always thought that ALL of the books started in a quite slow pace, so I didn't imagine the first episode would be thrilling! Unlike most, I liked LFxCersei interaction. Loved her playing with the guards! It showed the Cersei from the books that was missing from the show last season. Lightbringer was probably my biggest disapointment! And I really thought the Cersei x Joffrey scene was weird... So he worries about his bastard brothers? Doesn't really make sense...
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