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  1. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 308?

    It was ok i guess. I gave it an 8. Finally get to see Sam the Slayer, but nobody there to see it happen!!!!!!! So i dont think he will get given the name in tv. Too distracted by Danny and Mel and that random whore. Daario is a clown. So wrong. All i can see is 'teeth'.
  2. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 306?

    Only gave it a 7. Not too impressed but not too upset. Im trying to accept that there will be changes to the book. Im not a purist of the books, i just think that the books tell a better story, and that the tv writers have missed the mark ove rand over again. So we have "Sam the Singer"!! Forget Sam the Slayer. I dont like the banter between LF and Varys, but i see the point in it. Non bookies need to know what is going on and this would seem the best way to concisely develop the 'game of thrones' positions/motivations of these two characters. Stupid scene with Osha and Meera. All that just to tell us that Jojen has visions and makes him sick. And tension/competition between them? oh please. It is so unnecessary. Bye bye Ros. Sad that it had to be at the hands of that little shit. As a human being it saddened me to see her dead and in that way, even though i really disliked her character. I was a little bit shocked. I expected more from Arya+Mel scene. It was just ... flat. It was just an ok episode.
  3. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 305?

    A good episode overall. Gave it a 7. Dont like how they are handling the Robb story line. Making him look like an idiot. I wished they showed a little bit of magic with Thoros bringing back Berric, rather than him just 'saying the words'. I mean, show the kiss with a little bit of fire moving from Thoros to Berric. I think this business with whom gets to marry Loras is silly. I know they are trying to cut down on characters but making a gay guy go from marrying Sansa to then marrying Cersei is a little nauseating. Its 'Bold and the Beautiful' type storytelling. Ignoring this, the scene was pretty good. I wished they would expand more on Qyburn's history considering he is going to stick around for a bit. The dialogue was pretty good this episode. Jamie and Brienne was great. Wow she is hot! Jamie checking her out too. lol. Gendry and Arya etc. etc. was also good. Wow those bottles with foetuses in them was some creepy shit. Making Shireen's story combined with Patchface? Im guessing she was the one who sang the closing credits, but this just wont work. If they are in fact combining her and patchface then it wont work. PF was nearly dead when drowned and thats why he talks of the sea...
  4. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 304?

    I wonder how many people realised that Jorah's father had just been killed up North beyond the Wall.
  5. Lord of Cheese

    [Book Spoilers] EP304 Discussion

    I liked much of it. And it finished very very well. Im disappointed that its looking likely that we will not see Sam the Slayer. I was annoyed at how long the scene between Joff and Marg was taking for no character development or story advancement at all. I also am a little frustrated with the Bran scenes. Its pointless. I know Bran will have interweirwoodnet, but this is not the same as that. These seem more like dreams rather than reliving the past as an tree pov.
  6. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 304?

    I agree here too. I think its just the dragons at the end. It was pretty powerful way to finish and, alas, thats what ppl remember most.
  7. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 304?

    I gave it an 8. I probably should have given it a 7. -1 for the stupid Bran scenes. This is starting to get a little ridiculous with him running through the woods chasing the 3ec. Then flashbacking to Jojen. Its just pointless. -1 for the ever greater possibility that we will not get to see Sam the Slayer. (I would have given a 10 if they showed Sam the Slayer!!) -1 for dragging on with the scene between Joff and Marg. Its just dumb. It didnt add anything. No charcter development at all. No story advancement. But overall it was a pretty damned good episode.
  8. Lord of Cheese

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I'm not sure it was just for a laugh. I think Tyrion may be worried that the whores took advantage of Pod and got him to talk about anything he may know that could be of use to LF. You don't get something for free. Or then again, it could be just a joke... Irdk
  9. Lord of Cheese

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    They missed a huge opportunity to make Jamie's hand being cut off even better. They made Jamie look like he is only a good swordsman due to false stories in the last episode and then reinforced it in this one. Now ppl just wont get how big a deal that scene was for Jamie and his character development later on. Such a shame to bugger up such a big thing when it was so simple a thing to get right. The Bear and the maiden Fair was poor imho. Not appropriate and poorly sung too! Wrong style.
  10. Lord of Cheese

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    It must be how he said it and mumbled it a little. ughh... hearing things.
  11. Lord of Cheese

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    ummmm..... Did i hear that Hodor said "my lord" just when they left Luwin at the weirwood? He said it softly but i still heard it.
  12. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 210?

    For me its not so much about 'spot the difference' but rather some things being much better in the books than in the show. The characters were developed better in the books with fantastic dialogue that was left out of tv for no reason. The hard hitting scenes were quite impacting in the books whereas in the show it was just meh, and some of my non-book friends were left wondering what was going on or why this or that happened. This is a fault of directing and storytelling.
  13. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 210?

    I gave it a 5/10. All the points that were 'hard hitting' in the books were softened down in this episode... The LITE budget method of story telling. And oh yes, one last look at Ros' titts. Should have had Tywin visit Tyrion and had Tywin say what Varys did. This is how we start wearing Tyrion down until he does you know what eventually! HotU was lame! dragons could barely puff smoke and suddenly that guy fully catches fire. The execution of it was my main gripe. Too simple, too quick. Just flat. Why not make Drogon break his chain and fly at his face and then burn him? Make it exciting damn it! So Danny loses all her servant girls now too...
  14. Lord of Cheese

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    What is brilliant about Gleeson's acting and Martin's writing is that it humanised Joff. Joff is an awful awful person but still a human who has the same fears as any one of us. Just like
  15. Lord of Cheese

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Not bad not bad. Some things annoyed me though: I didnt like the fact that everyone seems to be wielding a valyrian steel sword!! So many bodies being cloven in two and heads halved cleanly. Silly. Even Tyrion had a valyrian steel axe cutting off a leg! And the splatting. D&D have been watching too many old chinese martial arts movies were blood sprays after a cut. I didnt like Tyrion's scar. Maybe im wrong but it looks like a fairly clean cut. He will lose an eye, but doesnt look like he will lose part of his nose and have a hideous scar. They should have opened it up more hehe. Make it more gruesome to scare the hell out of the viewers. But maybe they dont want to ruin his face too much so he is still recognisable on tv. Lancel not getting cut down badly enough. Was it communicated clear enough that Sandor was afraid of the fire and not just the battle? In the books we can see the inner dialogue going on in Sandors head but not in TV. I will ask my non bookreader friends tomorrow. What i liked: Sandor, Sansa, Cersei!!!!, Illyn's facial expression. lol. Pretty much nailed though. The dialogue impressed a lot. The chain would have made it epic though!!! But they would have had to change the battle dynamics and made it much larger scale. Not surprised to learn that GRRM wrote this one. By the 7 bloody hells its obvious it was him. The other writers were rubbish compared to him. Martin to write them ALL!!