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  1. Gave it a 3. It just wasn't very good. That last Dany scene was one of the lamest and cheesiest things i have ever seen. i hope david nutter never directs another episode again. He doesn't belong.
  2. My least favorite episode of the season. But i enjoyed seeing Tormund finally having a laugh and not being so damn serious. Kristian Nairn's "Hodor" was probably the best Hodor he has ever given though. Gave it an overall 6.
  3. Gave it a 7. I really enjoy Paul Kaye as Thoros of Myr. RIP Ros
  4. Best episode of the season in my opinion. Cogman delivers. I loved everything except the the Stannis/Selyse scene. That was weird and extremely creepy. i think it is obvious now that TV Stannis is different from book Stannis. The Jamie/Brienne bath scene was great. Superb acting.
  5. Gave it a 9. Pretty slow during the episode but was so happy to finally see the Tullys and Riverrun. A bunch of moments had me laughing, the pod brothel scene was great. and of course HAND CHOPPED. That scene was perfect, different from the book but still a holy shit moment. Great episode.
  6. Gave it a 9/10. When i don't see great moments from the book in the show i get really disappointed but i have to remind myself its an adaptation and a lot of those moments wont make the cut. It was a strong first episode, it felt very rushed but it was all set up for what seems to be a great season 3. The beginning with Sam and Ghost coming out of no where i thought was the weakest part. Excited for next week and what i hope will be a great dracarys moment!
  7. The brienne scene was absolutely brilliant. Enjoyed the majority of the episode besides that whole Robb and Talisa secret wedding. The House of the Undying was pretty decent, Drogo!! But i thought we would of seen the actually Undying instead of just pyat pree roasted by dragon fire. The Jon/Qhorin scene could of been alot better in my opinion, one of my favorite parts of the book but not that great in the show. Overall it was a decent ending to the season. Now we play the waiting game till Season 3.
  8. Best episode of the season no doubt. one of the best episodes of the series. definitely in the top 3.
  9. Loved it 9. Don't know why they had to make Xaro Xhoan Daxos a summer islander but i am glad the Summer Islands atleast got a shoutout in the show.
  10. Wow you got a good amount of Game of Thrones swag. I only have the books, 2 stark t-shirts, and GoT on blue-ray. Might get a Targ Shirt. But i am really looking forward to the related ASOIAF books that will be coming up in the near future such as A Feast of Ice and Fire
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