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    How would you rate episode 209?

    10. Exceeded my expectations. Brilliant episode.
  2. 8/10 Really liked this episode. Better than the previous two IMO.
  3. I really liked this episode. Stannis talking about the siege at Storms End was perfect, my favorite part of the show. I think the outdoor scenery was especially beautiful; the river where Jaime and Brienne escape, Robb and Talisa's walk, and the outdoor shots of Kings Landing all stood out to me.
  4. I was so freakin' excited to see Harrenhal in the opening, and it was every bit as terrifying and horrible as I imagined. The Tickler torture was completely :ack: which was pretty perfect. Loved it when Tywin strode in like a boss. Tyrion was awesome. I liked the Cat and Littlefinger addition. The Renly and Stannis parley was great, even without the peach. The only thing I really didnt care for was the Qarth scene. ETA: also didn't care for Joffrey and the prostitutes.
  5. She has a lot on her shoulders. Her husband was just murdered. Her oldest son is at war, as far as she knows both her daughters are in Lannister hands, her younger sons are hundreds of miles away in the North. She is trying to give Robb good advice, which he doesn't always follow (example: sending Theon to Pyke). Plus, I think judging by her overall demeanor and her actions early in the first season (before Ned and the girls left Winterfell), she has a serious, no nonsense disposition anyway.
  6. I actually thought when Renly and Loras were together that Loras was getting him 'warmed up' for Marg, and then Marg offered the exact same thing in the next scene. I thought it was done really well, close to how I imagined in the books. I like that they are showing the Tyrells (Margery in particular) to be quite savvy at playing the game. It's going to make things very interesting next season.
  7. 9. My favorite of the season, by far. Loved Theon, Tyrion, Marg/Renly/Loras. I actually liked Asha/Yara last episode, but wasn't as crazy about this one. Reserving judgement. I think they're doing a great job with the wolf dreams. It could look silly or cheesy if done the wrong way, but they pull it off just right.
  8. Really, really liked this episode. All the stuff with Arya on the King's Road-Yoren, Hot Pie, Lommy, Jaqen, Gendry-seemed spot on to me. Exactly how I pictured it. The Tyrion scenes were great (the only complaint I have is the "fish pie" line kinda grossed me out...and they kept repeating it over and over) Davos, Salla, and Mathos were great. I actually really liked the scene with Mel and Stannis. It was sufficiently awkward, which is how I imagine it went down in the book, and will answer a lot of questions when she births the shadowbaby. I am a little sad that they've possibly left out Shireen, which makes me think she won't have an important role in the books in the future. Also, it won't give an introduction to greyscale. I thought the Ironborn scenes were really good. I liked Balon and I also liked Asha/Yara. I liked how it showed Theon strutting into Pyke like he owned the place, all decked out in his finest, and ended up looking like a fool. Again, just as I pictured it. Craster's was a lot creepier this episode, and I think it was a good choice to show him actually giving a child to the Others. Ghost also looked great.
  9. A solid 8/10. Minor complaints: Wish they would've opened with Dragonstone LF/Cersei Craster's keep Ros, evidently the new pimp of Westeros Really liked: Robb, Jaime, Greywind Robb and Theon Tyrion and Cersei The killing of the bastards transitioning to Arya and Gendry As long as they stay as close to books as possible I'll be happy. I'm also a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books, and if HBO did to GoT what they've done with True Blood... :fencing:
  10. Dacie


    Hi everyone! I'm Amanda, southern girl, lover of all things ASOIAF. I read the books last fall after watching the tv series (yea I know, I'm way late to the party) and became kind of obsessed. I turned my mom and brother on to them as well, and we love discussing all the different theories, but I have really learned so much just by lurking around the threads for a few months. Finally decided to create an account and start posting.