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  1. You are both correct! I forgot about that. My bad! I always felt like the kill at Harrenhall was different, though. She killed the boy in KL because he was going to tell on her and get her caught, it was more out of passion and emotion. The guard she kills at Harrenhall she tricks and then pretty cold-bloodedly slits his throat. Still necessary to her survival, of course, but she could have hit him in the head with a rock and knocked him out, so i always thought that kill took a little more cunning and planning, which made it a turning point.
  2. very true! not to mention that Hot Pie needs a good arse kicking! I think they could have maybe shortened some of the Tywin scenes and shown her off killing trees with her needle. I do have to admit, I was really disappointed that Jaquen killed both of the guards and Arya didn't do any throat slitting. Her first kill was a big step in her transition
  3.  much of Jon's story beyond the wall can probably be compressed... argue with Rattleshirt, do Ygritte, chat with Mance, wallow in self-loathing blah...blah...blah... I really hope the Dorne plot comes along, I'd love to see Dorne and the sandsnakes Dany can go to the seven hells as long as she doesn't take Jorah as far as I'm concerned. They should just recap her taking over Atapor etc. and freeing slaves. Reading that was like wearing a rat-bucket. I thought the people who didn't know were being sarcastic?
  4. sorry, correction on my part. My favorite line/scene that was cut was when Catelyn says Jaime has shit for honor and kicks over the bucket in his cell. I wasn't clear on that. As for the years comment, perhaps that was taken slightly too literally. With the way this season has zoomed through, I think we will see a lot happen and get accomplished in season 3
  5. far too many, sadly. Since one of my favorite lines was cut from this season, I'm really hoping someone says "Lord Tywin did not, in the end, shit gold." Pure literarly genius. and back to the topic of this week's episode before I rant too much about Ser Kingslayer... I actually felt like Tyrion was somewhat weak in this episode... (Tyrion--NOT Peter). After so much anticipation of "your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth" I thought that scene was weak. Lately, IMHO, the Cersei/Tyrion scenes have been somewhat lackluster... I don't want to bash Lena's acting but I'm having a hard time buying her as Cersei. Maybe it's because we dont have her POV like we do in the books (or as much---the books keep blending for me even after my re-read). Or maybe it's just me being picky. My one problem with the disappearance of Tyrion's chain is that I feel like we havent seen much of his cunning lately, although with the end of this episode that's likely to all change. Tyrion is and has been one of my favorite characters, which is why I'm somewhat disappointed with him in the show of late. But it's also hard to get a real fix on anyone the way they have to fit so much into every episode.
  6. Definitely agree. She was asking to get slapped a few times there, although I think it was a nice touch when they added that Tywin said Arya reminded him of Cersei. I know a lot of people think that Twin was too "soft" in these episodes, but I like what another poster said about him being "friendly" to her and then going off and basically passing her on to the mountain like she was nothing. That's what makes Tywin who he is. His ability to switch the so-called "niceness" off and on like that is, what I think, makes him so chilling. I absolutely cannot wait until his reunions with Jaime. Those were some serious love-to-hate-Tywin interactions. But I digress...
  7. As much as I want to see more Arya, one of the great elements in the development of her character is when she is forced to be a "mouse" in Harrenhall because to be otherwise would mean her death. She has a lot of internal dialogue about no longer being a wolf and I think D&D have portrayed that through her skulking in corners and having little power. She still has a backbone of iron but she has to hide it. Jaqen is the only connection she has to power and I would have to say, she uses that. The scene where she names him gave me chills. All of their interactions together are beautifully done. In my humblest of opinions, I think the portrayal of Arya is spot on, although we don't get some of her more rebellious thoughts spelled out for us. I really was sad that weasel soup didn't make an appearance, but since Weasel was never introduced as part of Yoren & co. and Arya didn't go through her series of fake names etc. that wouldn't have packed quite the same punch in the show. "A girl has no honor."
  8. I personally watched the first season and then read the first book....and then couldn't read the rest fast enough. I think there is definitely something to be said for reading the books, but I've always enjoyed reading. I personally struggle with some of the differences between the show so I think on the one hand watching first and then reading is a good way to go, but I have to keep reminding myself that they are separate entities. And while these boards can get "extreme" and we are all fans in our own way, I think it's important to be careful how things come across when the person reading can't see your facial expressions and hear your tone. Friendly debate and disagreements are what these boards are for, after all!
  9. Jaime's quips never fail to amuse me, but I'm quite the fan of the Kingslayer. I think that his character arc is one of the more if not the most interesting ones in the show, but that's just my humble opinion. I think the hand-cutting done by the Bloody Mummers is a good play because those are men that are supposed to be loyal to the Lannisters. Jaime goes from the golden boy that no one can touch to being completely humiliated and destroyed and I'm looking forward to seeing that acted out. Not sure how they'll work that out since I forget if Hoat and Raff and all those lovely characters have been cast, but I'm assuming that all plays out in season 3 anyway. I can't wait to see Brienne and Jaime play off each other. Hope we get to see the horses Glory and Honor eventually...always loved that tidbit. I think the vows extracted at swordpoint are important, too in their way. Jaime could easily throw them off as being given under duress and the old Jaime would have, but we get to see as he changes that he doesn't want to be an oathbreaker. But however D&D do it will be interesting to see! I have to admit I'm not a fan of the Talisa-Jeyne thing...I guess in the end it gets the job done but it just feels all wrong. Not my call though, so I hope it works for the best. After all, the RW must go on...
  10. I have to say the one thing that I really missed from the Catelyn/Jaime scene was when she kicks over the bucket and says he has "shit for honor" because that taunts him through the rest of the books and I always thought it was such a great line. I also just cheered for joy that we got a Jaime scene. I really hope we see Barristan show up as Arstan and that they disguise him enough so that non-book readers wont immediately figure it out. Tywin was never a hero but I guess I always read him as more of a cold-hearted bastard than someone cruel like Joffrey. He sends other people to do his dirty work and hides behind his money and his status, so I see his "kindness" to Arya as just another cog in his crazy twisted wheel. He's trying to figure her out and his niceness is just that much more unsettling. To be honest he could be giving her dolls and flowers and I probably wouldn't care because I just want to see more Maisie! (okay...I would care....but c'mon) I guess the Qarth changes dont really matter in the long run and to be honest, the faster they move along Dany scenes and I don't have to watch her....
  11. does she say that in the book?? blast my re-read, I still miss so much. I've been suspecting the whole Jon/AA thing obviously but I must have missed the reference!
  12. quite a few people have speculated that Maester Luwin will stay alive and go with Bran and Osha will still go with Rickon. I guess I can see with that perspective how the Reeds become superfluous but I always found them fascinating! especially with the whole Knight of the Laughing Tree/Howland Reed/ R+L theories. I also have trouble seeing Maester Luwin making the trek through the forests and past the wall. He's pretty frail. Unless they keep Rodrick Cassel alive? although I feel that keeping either one of them alive would take some of the sting out of the fall of Winterfell, but that just may be a personal opinion. I was surprised in reading this and other threads that people don't like the Reed twins. I thought Jojen could get irritating but I think that is how Bran feels about him. I really liked Meera. She is unique and an interesting feminine perspective that is different from Catelyn, Brienne, or Cersei. But the show writers have something I dont: direct access to GRRM's twisted mind. I guess we will just have to see how replacing them (if it happens that way) plays out later on
  13. oh that's right. I did a re-read and I still forget details like this. But I still agree with your assessment. I still could care less what happens to Dany but i'm interested to see how Jorah's story arc plays out, especially after Jeor forgave him via Sam after the massacre at Craster's.
  14. thank you for articulating just what I was thinking!! In some characters the whole "self-loathing" thing can get obnoxious, but I feel like he's determined to work with what he's got. I think he is honorable, but he's just so mixed up about it, of which you gave perfect examples. He thinks selling the rogue Targaryen traitor out to the crown is the honorable thing to do until he falls in love with her and then it is no longer the honorable thing. He obviously thought selling the people to the slavers was what they deserved (i've forgotten exactly what they did...rape...murder...the usual) and therefore honorable. and as we've all seen, a life of honor is usually a fairly short one. I think Jorah is a somewhat underestimated character. He's the only thing that gets me through Dany's chapters. Especially after she sent him off and I just kept hoping for more mention of him!
  15. there was some staining but I had just imagined it being really obvious. Nitpicky and not something that really bothered me. He's like Obi-wan/Han solo/Indiana Jones in that outfit haha Yeah i always found the part about his first wife looking just like Daenerys to be very interesting and the little hints you get give you a better idea of why he does what he does.
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