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    I get the unsettling feeling that not many people will actually bother checking back on this thread, but I might as well vomit up a bit of an introduction regardless. My name is Pelki. I was introduced to ASoIaF through the first series of Game of Thrones and was truly blown away by the theme, character depth and brutality of the show. A fan of medieval, I gladly snatched up the ASoIaF books and was astounded to find them even better than the show. I mean, that's common, a book being better than the show. But the show in the first place had stunned me. I recently finished the books, which became the staple of my bus travel and my lunchtimes during work. I'm mourning my loss of Westeros as a getaway from the tedium of work, but the upside is that I now feel confident that I'm up-to-speed enough to start truly talking about the fandom with other enthusiasts. I'm an administrator living in Manchester, UK. I draw when I'm not being exhausted by real life. I'd like to eventually be an author, but reading Martin's talent has driven me a little insecure. Other than ASoIaF, my primary hobby is text roleplay, which I do in a post-apoc fantasy sim in Second Life. Mostly when drunk. There are a lot of characters I like to read, but don't necessarily like, and some I hate to read, but would probably like on a personal level. Overall, my favourite character is easily Brienne, who manages to appeal to me as a person and me as an audience, though I could give you dozens of characters I favour for one reason or another.