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  1. Oh but we ARE criticising what is being shown on screen! How can you have characters specify in the dialogue that they have 6000 men fighting 3000 or less and less than 10 minutes later, have a wall of corpses 10,000 men high? That's got NOTHING to do with the books. It's just a stupid decision. Especially to think that people won't pick up on that! There are so many flaws you can pick up on if you watch the show alone. This whole season has been a lot of stupid, pointless filler similar to the last and characters have been used to fulfill weak plot points. It is extremely lazy writing.
  2. I completely agree. It was one thing that I picked up on immediately that kind of ruined the experience for me really. They really must take their audience for fools. Also.... makeup on Ramsey post Snow beating. They could spend 8 hours on makeup per side character (cotf) yet, they couldn't make ramsey's face look swollen after getting severely beaten? I just don't understand these ridiculous decisions. How can you do something like Hardholme so perfectly and get little things like this wrong?
  3. Best episode of the season so far! So that's an 8/10 for me. Con's: Osha getting killed after 5 minutes of screentime. Natalia Tena played that her part remarkably and for her to get offed so soon was a real shame. I wish she had more of a part to play. This also means that shaggydog is likely dead The only person who really cares about the Others/Whitewalkers seems to be Edd. Why in seven hells has Jon not even mentioned this to Sansa? All he could think of before he got stabbed was warning the rest of Westeros about impending doom... yet now he's all like "nah, I'm just gonna take a long ride south". Pro's: Overall we have plot progression, that's got to be one of the most exciting things about this episode. Jon/Sansa reunion finally! We have a reunion, it's the most exciting thing to happen all season. It's history in the making. Makes me excited to see how they will work together as leaders, not necessarily as man and wife, but either of them are potential rulers of the North and it's time to see how much they've grown in the years apart. Margaery - forget growing strong, she's staying strong! It'd be a real bummer if she were to die. LF back at it with the scheming and manipulating. I really enjoyed seeing how well he can handle little robin. It's amazing really. Tyrion FINALLY has some decent dialogue! Doing what he does best - politicking. Dany being the total badass she was born to be. Yes, it got a bit cheesy and a little too convenient for her at times, but it was inspiring to see her fight for / defend herself than have someone else come save her. It made me truly believe she is a formidable ruler. That Brienne / Tormund love interest tho.
  4. Freefolk

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 603?

    Vote: 5/10 Positives: Arya - steady enough character progression this season, I feel like they're finally building her character arc up nicely now. In previous seasons, she started to just look like a wimpy kid. Not the silent killer she was born to be! Dany - this is likely to be a rare view but I'm actually interested in learning more about dothraki culture. Hopefully the lack of progression in her story will be made up for when we know more about the widowed khaleesi's... who knows, maybe she has something to learn from them. If not, it's just another pointless waste of time. Jon / NW - This one was both positive and negative. Finally we saw all the traitors hanged. And any screentime with Kit for me is a good time. Negatives: Jaime - why is he just following Cersei around all season??? Doesn't he have a life of his own? Isn't that the whole point of his relationship with Brienne? He can finally relate to and have an amicable relationship with someone he's not actually related to! They've just pissed this all down the drain. Bran / TOJ - Yeah, major disappointment. To spread this scene over two or more episodes is just a killjoy. There was a sword fight and a "what's in the tower?".... Then nothing. Why bother? Fucking Rickon & Osha! Why the fuck would the Umbers give Rickon & Osha to Ramsay?? The guy has won 1.... ONE... battle so far and suddenly the Umbers feel they need to give him the Stark boy. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE DEAD DIREWOLF. What happens to the direwolves is extremely symbolic. I hope that's a fake shaggywolf head or this will be the last season I ever watch. Just because GRRM is taking his time, does NOT give D & D the right to shit all over this story. And on the direwolf note, why they haven't shown Arya and Jon warging yet? I was really, really disappointed with the way they re-introduced Osha and Rickon this season. Gods be good and grant us a decent episode next week!
  5. Freefolk

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Well, of course the NW's first priority is to keep them away but the rules have changed. There would have been no NW anyway if they'd try and fight.
  6. Freefolk

    How would you rate episode 602?

    It's a solid 7. We pretty much have a few fan theories confirmed this episode (Tyrion half Targ, Euron killing Balon, JS etc.) which is always exciting! Also making this episode miles better than the last. Furthermore, Sand snakes where nowhere in sight. Hopefully they're all buried in the sand somewhere in Dorne. The most exciting part is having JS back, it was extremely anti-climatic though being predictable that he would open his eyes at the close of the episode. I had hoped that they would try to burn his body before he tried to open his eyes, but alas, the magic is very.... non magic like in this show. Ramsay killing Roose was also somewhat predictable. Though I feel that they're doing a great job at showing how psychotic Ramsay is. Poor, poor Walda. Seeing Bran again and the visions to the past, and being able to see how Arya progresses every now and then makes the show worth watching. I'm actually excited for the next episode!!