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  1. which won't make any sense. so either quorin saves him so he can be recaptured an episode later, or quorin also gets captured and jon kills him without quorin effectively instructing him to do so, making jon a coward and a murderer. plus, what was jon going to say to quorin about ygitte if he caught back up with them? he's still supposed to have killed her, why was he trying to bring her back to them? either kill her or let her go.
  2. because at this point tyrion has little to no connection to ros for which circie would confuse shae with ros. and from the "seven devils" trailer we know that circie does SOMETHING to tyrion to make him say his line "i will hurt you for this, the day will come when your joy will turn to ashes" this season. if circie hurts ros, would tyrion really get that upset? i mean he wasn't all that upset that joffrey had ros beat that other whore. and with shae outing herself to an extent to the other handmaid, it seems like they're setting up shae being caught. i think shae's going to be killed, and tyrion's going to turn to ros next season. plus the fact that shae and tyrions relationship is almost nothing like it is in the books. they never have sex, i'm pretty sure we haven't ever heard her call him "my giant of lanister," and she's just generally much more aggressive than book shae. ros seems more like book shae than tv shae does.
  3. i think shae is as good as dead. my theory that ros is going to take over the shae role is looking more likely with the events of last night.
  4. i felt like sir rodriks beheading was a bit of a nod to what's-his-face karstark being beheaded by rob in aSoS where it takes him so many whacks to get the thing off. especially since i doubt they'll ever address that story thread.
  5. sure, but even before then, he spent almost the entire scene trying to see her face. if i were tywin, i would have found it very distracting that petyr wasn't paying attention to what i was saying.
  6. thought this was a great episode, loved theon, loved the riot. my only complaint is the scene with little finger. why is little finger so interested in trying to look at who this cupbearer is? it didn't make any sense. i get that you want to have some tension, but it was over the top, seemed like a comedy routine.
  7. the first half of the episode was better than the last half. might be my least favorite episode thus far. i can't tell you how much it bothers me that it's a three eyed raven and not a three eyed crow. why?
  8. can someone explain to me why it is a three eyed raven, and not a crow?
  9. i'm a bit surprised by all the love for this episode, i thought it was the weakest so far this season. not bad, but not great either. i was really hoping that they were toning nega-shae down to finally become something like shae from the book, but for some bizarre reason they've decided to go back to making her very unlikable. i know there is a theory that ros is going to take alayaya's story line, but honestly, i hope they change things up even more than that, and have shae ACTUALLY be the one who gets caught, and that ros would take over the shae role from the books. ros is a much more likeable character at this point.
  10. ghost looked fantastic, wish they could have spent more time with asha/yara before the reveal, but time is precious. i dont really like that mel and stan are fucking, TMI once again. i did like that we got to see a whitewalker.
  11. I thought davos was awesome, and the cersei/little finger scene had me going (even though i'm far enough into the books to know better). i gave the episode a 9, even though it is a little plodding, i feel a lot better about the direction they set shae and theon in this episode than they had them going in the first season.