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  1. Did Robb actually get to the Crag? I cannot seem to remember that being confirmed by word or deed. Perhaps the msg about Cat freeing Jamie stopped him from reaching the Crag ....
  2. Just a guess here, but perhaps the writers have tweaked the Jeyne Westerling story to make her a second spy ( along with Bolton )but she becomes sympathetic with the Starks, falls for Robb, then her house sets the Red Wedding in motion. Cuts out a few extra characters gets us to the same place. Easy for non-book readers to follow. Just a thought
  3. I loved the opening scene! Funny, with a good build up of tension. Fantastic Grey Wind/Robb morph! For that scene alone all most punched the 10, the Mountain made me hit the 9. I thought Littlefinger was a bit off his game trying to tell Cat, that, hey with Ned gone now, maybe they could get together! Wish Cat would have stuck him with the pointy end. Not the biggest fan of the Joff/Ros scene, but it does make the point that Joff is a sick, sick little puppy. Appreciated how well the writers condensed and streamlined some of the threads, missed the peach though, should have kept it in. It was so Renly. Showdowbaby, disgustingly brilliant!
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