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  1. Lord Davos Seaworth

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Funny how at the end of the day, the best women leaders came from House Tyrell who used their sexuality and femininity with self-awareness to gain influence. Martin is based and everyone knows it.
  2. Lord Davos Seaworth

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Yes, I think it is undeniable they are setting up Dany to tragically wind up all alone with Drogon and that's it. She basically lost her entire army, and let's be real - the way they just slaughtered the Dothraki seemed way too convenient for it to simply be for the sake of a cool, suspenseful intro. Tensions with Sansa (and thus the rest of the North and Vale) remain high. Varys has been heavily foreshadowed to betray her, and we all know it's in his character/would make sense for his last stand. The Missandei/Grey Worm scene about going back to Essos seemed way to forced to not have any significance, along with all the xenophobia directed toward them. I think more has to develop here still, but Grey Worm losing nearly all his comrades could end up being the final trigger. Jorah, the only man left in Westeros who would stand by her side no matter what happens is dead. That leaves Jon and Tyrion, and both also have developing reasons to leave Dany. Last episode the entire dialogue in the crypts between Tyrion and Sansa seemed to serve to draw Tyrion closer toward Sansa and further from Dany. With Jorah gone, Dany will likely go back to her bitchy ways toward the two of them, and I could see that acting as a catalyst for the two to grow even more resentful towards her together. Lastly, Jon's true parentage is clear recipe for disaster between the two of them. Its seems like Jon would have no issue giving up his "right" to the throne, but as soon as the others find out, they won't let. Basically, I think once Sansa and friends find out the truth, it will be the last straw pushing Dany away from everyone else, ending up as the Lone Wolf, while the Starks keep their Three Heads together (Jon, Sansa, and Arya. Ironic, right?).
  3. Lord Davos Seaworth

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    It's just poor story-telling. Basically Sansa's arc is clearly supposed to go from being used as a pawn by the major players, to becoming a player herself (i.e. by learning from the very best; Littlefinger, Cersei, etc). Problem is, they ran themselves into a corner with screen-time and resolving all the plots/character arcs, so they started breaking the number one rule of good story-telling by "telling" us what Sansa has become, rather than "showing" us through her actions. At least that's what I think is going on.
  4. Lord Davos Seaworth

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    I I agree they need a big faceless man twist in this season... It would be pretty disappointing if they didn't. Personally, I hope the Baelish theory is true. Still can't get over how poorly written his death was, despite understanding how it fit the plot.
  5. Lord Davos Seaworth

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I'm sure this has been discussed many times before, but what do you guys think the fate of Jaime and Brienne will be? Here are some possibilities I've considered: 1.) The most unlikely case, take the scenerio at face value. Brienne somehow escaped her hanging, Sansa escapes the Vale and the Hound is still out there alive. Jaime realizes his love for her and they get it on? Very unlikely but you never know with Georgie. 2.) Brienne is leading Jaime into a trap to save the lives of Ser Hyle and Podrick. Perhaps the word she yelled out was "Jaime!" or "Kingslayer!" Although Brienne's fondness of Jaime and whole honour and oathkeeper thing makes this seem unlikely, being on the edge of death can change a person in such a way. Maybe Cersei will lose the trial by combat, and her and Jaime will be excecuted simultaneously. "We came in this world together, we will leave it together..." EDIT: I'm aware GRRM confirmed the word to be "Sword!" but the same idea applies. 3.) Brienne was hung, but the word she yelled before she died made Catelyn realize she was wrong to hang her. She passes on the "Kiss of life" to Brienne. Jaime described Brienne as looking 10 years older, but that could also just be a result of her feverish episode after her encounter with Biter. This however would explain Brienne's reason to lead Jaime into a trap. Both Beric and Catelyn were described to be "different people" in their ressurected forms. Or maybe it is a mix of one of these theories, or something completely different altogether! What do you guys think?