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  1. A Stark in Salem

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

    True, but if they had not bothered to have so much "Robb" time, which he gets none in the books whatsoever, maybe we have much more time for everyone else. Think of it: they have a mere ten ep.s for this massive book and they give Robb his own set of scenes, plus this new made up chick and her own story line. Why? It adds nothing to the overall series and he of all the characters changes the least of any. I'm sure it's why GRRM never gave him his own POVs. He stays the same more or less, despite his actions being pivotal to the stories of all the other characters.
  2. A Stark in Salem

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

    Yeah, well for some reason they haven't bothered to even show Ghost except a few seconds for about a week in the show's timeline. Save some money some where else people and keep the wolves in the story! It can't be that expensive for Pete's sake. They are not CG, but enlarged/composited actual wolf actors. It's not a super expensive thing to do (and I work in CG). Maybe I'll volunteer my services to next season just to see more of the dire-wolves, heheh.
  3. A Stark in Salem

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

    When Tyrion and Varys were speaking, you could hear the distinct but faint sound of iron being hammered in the background for most of the scene. Obviously a detail meant only for book fans since anyone else would not notice it at all or not get it's inference.
  4. A Stark in Salem

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    I liked this one better than last week's, but I really wish I could like it more. So loved the first season, but this one is just too much for 10 episodes. Way to much. The writers are leaving out threads in the books that really suck the flavor out of the story. First, the crypts were already mentioned- maybe not major in itself but it combined an important set of details. One of the coolest things IMO of the whole escape sequence was having the two dire wolves go off and leave a bunch of confusing paths for Theon and friends to run around chasing. So now it's like Theon actually just gives up chasing them down even though they are on horses? OK- pretty lame, though it makes him killing the Miller's kids looks even more cruel and pointless I admit. And what is up with Jon? Seriously, where the F is Ghost!? He's with him the entire time he's beyond the wall, save for hunting for a few hours! The only time he's separated a bit is because he has to climb up that huge cliff, which didn't happen in the show anyway. He's definitely with him by the time he meet's Rattleshirt. Maybe Ghost will be another surprise appearance in the nick of time but it doesn't show much of the connection they have, whcih by then in novel is only getting deeper. Actually the whole Ygritte thing is kind of annoying in general. She doesn't seem that tough, speaks too well, and Jon looks like an idiot letting her escape twice. And again, the rest of the rangers surely would have tracked them down and met up way before a whole day had gone by. I still don't really get the stolen dragons thing either, though it seems likely the story line will be resolved pretty much the same way it did in the book I guess. I don't mind the Tywin/Arya thing that much, though she seems to be getting less clever minute by minute. Now she's bragging the to leader of all she hates about her history knowledge, and yet expects to be taken for a mason's daughter? OK.... I forget who got that speech about My Lord/M'lord. was it actually her, or someone else? And why do we never get to see her sword (Needle work) training in secret as it mentions maybe 100 times in the books? It's key to her thirst for vengeance and hatred for what's happened to her and her family. I still like seeing her thread but it's not as interesting.