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  1. My thoughts (and please note I haven't finished A Clash of Kings yet, so some of this might sound stupid): Obligatory re-introduction of the cast was fast and forced, but got the job done. Joffrey still is pure evil at it's best, Sansa's a shell of herself, Robb has a new CG direwolf, Tyrion is going to be awesome as The Hand, Jon Snow's watching the most epic incest parade ever, and Stannis is hopefully going to get as little screentime as possible I wasn't a fan at all of who they cast as Stannis nor Melisandre, and hearing them talk (and seeing how drab her costume is) only furthered my disappointment. It's only been one episode, obviously, but I expected better. Very interested in seeing how much play they give Daenerys. She's of course a pillar of the story but (so far) her portion of Kings is relegated to future plans. Seeing Cersei knocked down a few pegs is nice, and of course that's going to be a familiar trend, but it's bizarre all the same. She was a very headstrong and cunning antagonist who's all of a sudden finding herself among one of the many falling behind in the game. Final 5 minutes was pretty intense. Did a good job of putting a button on it and gave us our first look at Arry. Looking forward to ep 2, gave this one an 8 upon initial viewing.