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    How would you rate episode 209?

    Probably the best episode of the show so far, out of both seasons, it had everything, laughs, great kills, action, quiet scenes. Loved it. 10!
  2. Kvothe_ModTech

    How would you rate episode 207?

    There was a few good moments, but overall this is the first episode that has really annoyed and disappointed me, I feel as though they have ruined Jon's storyline, if they dont make it that Halfhand gives him the command then I will be thoroughly pissed off. I loved the scene with Tywin and Arya, they are great together. Dany just seems off, I dunno, she was really good in the first season, but has been underutilized this season, very disappointing. I dunno, just didn't feel this episode, maybe I wish it was closer to the books to much.
  3. Kvothe_ModTech

    Share Your Fan Site

    Hey all, I dont really have a fansite for Game of Thrones persay, but I do have a website where I report alot of GoT news. My site was mentioned yesterday by the Game of Thrones twitter and on http://paper.li/GameOfThrones, as of this writing my story is still number 1 on that page. Anyway, my website is www.themodtech.com, head over and check it out and I appreciate any and all feedback :) Thanks EDIT: Ive also just created a forum for the website, there is a link in the menus :)