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  1. Probably the best episode of the show so far, out of both seasons, it had everything, laughs, great kills, action, quiet scenes. Loved it. 10!
  2. There was a few good moments, but overall this is the first episode that has really annoyed and disappointed me, I feel as though they have ruined Jon's storyline, if they dont make it that Halfhand gives him the command then I will be thoroughly pissed off. I loved the scene with Tywin and Arya, they are great together. Dany just seems off, I dunno, she was really good in the first season, but has been underutilized this season, very disappointing. I dunno, just didn't feel this episode, maybe I wish it was closer to the books to much.
  3. Hey all, I dont really have a fansite for Game of Thrones persay, but I do have a website where I report alot of GoT news. My site was mentioned yesterday by the Game of Thrones twitter and on http://paper.li/GameOfThrones, as of this writing my story is still number 1 on that page. Anyway, my website is www.themodtech.com, head over and check it out and I appreciate any and all feedback :) Thanks EDIT: Ive also just created a forum for the website, there is a link in the menus :)
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