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  1. Tyrion & Roz: Tyrion is still the Hand of the King and as such commands more control than the queen. Why can he not simply command her release? Joffrey foolishly wants to go into battle so, it would not appear he is in league with Cersei on this matter, if he even knows about it. Also, I am dumbfounded that Tyrion's immediate response to Shae wasn't GTFO! Why wouldn't he immediately send her away now that Cersei has shown her hand? Tyrion & Varys is as good, if not better, than Varys & Littlefinger from season 1. A rather abrupt ending to the Arya & Tywin Show, but all good things ... I like how she coerced Jaqen into helping her and her friends escape. It seems that Daenerys getting to The House of the Undying is as difficult as Clark Griswold getting to Wally World. The Days of our Lives: The Starks with Robb and his lovely field surgeon continues to bore the eyes from my skull. She is lovely (even more so naked), but their storyline is dull to me. Brienne and Jamie is interesting. I predict it not ending well for Brienne though. A dumb move for Catelyn though. I understand why she would do it, but it won't bear fruit IMO. Theon continues to struggle for validation from somewhere and gets nothing. So tragic.
  2. @chico Her menstruation means she can now bear children and will soon begin doing so for Joffrey. Something she (understandably) wants to delay as long as possible. She is betrothed to Joffrey. Short of dying beforehand (I too am a non-reader, but that will soon change) she will marry him I suspect.
  3. (sigh)... Yes, thank you. I keep doing that. I am aware of who is who, but I keep writing Robb when I mean Jon Snow.
  4. I too am somewhat confused about the goings on at Qarth. I thought Pyat Pree (sp?) was engaged in simple tricks not real magic. Pyat and Xaro clearly have conspired to rule, but to what end is unclear. Maybe they believe in Dany's mission, but then why didn't Xaro just buy her the ships she needs? Cersei's conversations with Sansa and Tyrion humanized her somewhat. They also revealed that she is not a clueless power hungry bitch, but someone trying to make the best out of her very difficult, complicated and unhappy situation. She was almost motherly to Sansa. Again, Theon displays how beyond his depth he is. Not sure what to do and making a series of poor choices that don't gain him favors with anyone on any side. He's cooked. Tywin reveals he knows more about Arya than previously thought. He likes her and treats her well (almost fatherly), but pushes her back in line when she takes too much liberty. Still, what does he know and what does he suspect? Robb continues to broadcast his impotence to everyone north of the wall. It's a good thing they made him a steward or he'd probably be dead already. His first "ranger outing" is a disaster. Man up Robb. Jamie is a riddle. He comes off as very personable and engaging, but will slaughter anyone that provides him with an opportunity. These are the traits of a true sociopath, but is that what he really is? He seems to genuinely care for Tyrion and Cersei. Sociopaths only care about themselves; everyone else is a tool or a hindrance. A good episode. Things are still gaining steam. I am very much looking forward to the next episode.
  5. My (book deficient) thoughts are that it's a combination of complacency and respect. Tywin (in theory) has no idea whom he has as his cup bearer. To him she is just a young girl lost in the world. Clever and bright, but without connections or relevance to his affairs and their associated troubles. Also, I think he respects her intelligence and resourcefulness. She's more capable in some regards than his own men. These shared traits have bred a false sense of familiarity with her. Enough so he is comfortable using her as sounding board/diary of sorts. After all, whom could she possibly tell and how, in his mind?
  6. I did not interpret the second assassination at Harrenhal as dark comedy, but as a demonstration of deadly skill. In a sudden moment of chaos Arya finds Jaqen and tells him the identity of his second target and implores him to eliminate him immediately. No planning. No subtlety. He does so. On a target rushing through an area crowded with witnesses. Without being noticed; within 100 feet of Tywin Lannister. That is a highly skilled assassin. That's what this "non-real fan" took from that scene.
  7. I claim (blissful) ignorance as a non-book reader (so far). I think LF knows. He's been shown to be very perceptive and shrewd (though not so shrewd this season). Tywin is also very intelligent and I agree that he must at least suspect. Arya's lies are spontaneous and weak as a result. I am really enjoying the show. I have the first novel as an e-book. I just need to get started. I most likely will during the painfully long hiatus.
  8. A great episode. Theon has been showing his true stripes the past two episodes: arrogant and incompetent. He couldn't even give an honorable man a clean death. Live by the cock, die by the cock. I thought for sure Osha was going to cut his throat in his sleep. I've lost a lot of respect for Jon. He wants to be the rough and ready ranger, but he can not kill the enemy right under his blade. I thought Ghost was going to leap out and tear her head off. Now she's playing with him (mentally and physically ). Robb's love interest is dull. Tywin & Arya are as entertaining as ever. Playing little games of wits and subterfuge. Did Little Finger recognize her? Joffrey is Theon's bookend: arrogant and incompetent. I thoroughly enjoyed the Joffrey slapping (both by dung and Tyrion). Poor Sansa; as I she hasn't been shit on enough already. The Hound is showing himself to be much more the noble knight than anyone else in the King's court. I have a feeling that Dany may end up burning all of Qarth to the ground. I am guessing she will find her dragons next week and rain down hell.
  9. As a non-reader (yet) I gave it an 8. As much flak as the Joffrey scene is receiving count me amongst those that it helped. Up to this point I was aware that Joffrey was an arrogant, narcissistic, cruel and petulant brat. This scene showed me that he is truly a sadist. Littlefinger seems to have lost all of his guile and finesse I saw in season 1. Now he just blurts out what he knows and what he's thinking. There is no subtly or subterfuge. I too was confused by the torture scene. I have no idea who the players are or what they are after. I also don't fully understand what Arya's mantra of names was about. I thought Dany was going to be slaughtered and her dragons simply taken. I presume only The 13's sense of civility prevented it. I am interested to see where that goes. Tyrion was great as always. Two of my new favorite lines come from that scene: Tyrion: "Bron, the next time Ser Meryn speaks kill him. That was a threat. See the difference?!" and Bron: "There's no cure for being a cunt."
  10. I've read from other responses that Joffrey ordering the slaying of the bastards differs from the source (I haven't read any of the books, but may start soon). That revelation and Cersei's expression in response to Tyrion's assertion says so much about how bad the situation in King's Landing is. It would appear that Cersei has been grooming Joffrey for the throne for a while and I believe she thought she could control him there; effectively ruling by proxy. With the killing of Ned Stark and Joffrey's reaction to Cersei slapping him and now this. I think she realizes how little control she has and that she has released a cruel tyrant onto Westeros. Good stuff. More please.