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  1. I wondered that too but maybe like the Asha--> Yara name change they think crow would be too confusing for viewers when they hear the wildings using it for NW & other kneelers.
  2. While I liked last week’s better I thought this was a very good episode! Gave it a 9/10. Thought the conversation with Melisandre and Davos was a bit off before she had the shadow baby…didn’t really see a need for the whole “you want me” thing. Disappointed about the peach!! I guess the apple he had in his hand with Littlefinger was a nod. While the Littlefinger visit strays from the books I thought his conversation with Margaery was great and liked his play on words with “interest.” But his conversation with Cat was pretty weak. I liked Roose Bolton but pictured him with black hair! Loved Tyrion as always and scene where he rescues Sansa was well done. Not sure what to think of Talisa/Jeyne but I guess we’ll see where it goes The Dany scene in Qarth was a bit akward but looking forward to next week Have never been so glad to see Tywin Lannister! Liked the quick conversation he had with Arya and how he owned all of the Mountain’s Men.
  3. Loved it! This was the best episode of this season so far. Brienne was great and very close to how i had pictured her (aside from the blue armor :) ) Tyrion was great as usual and loved the scene with Yoren and Arya. Very well done!
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