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  1. Stannis sounded awfully like Daenerys Stormborn, when he started listing his names and titles all angry :lol: I loved that Ygritte shot Jon, and not once. Everything went nicely, except the only scene of Cersei talking again about Joffrey and how supposedly bad she has it. :ninja: Oh, and Asha being a hypocrite. She now wants to save the ruin of Theon, while trying to bring down before, when he needed her most.
  2. I was not dissapointed with the bear pit scene. Not when I was watching it. It only came to me afterwards on how much better it could have been :D The best thing about Jaime and Brienne was them talking about the promise to send Arya and Sansa back to Catelyn. I also actually liked Locke and his straightforward admission that gold is not as important to him as those little moments of power he gets. That line seemed more than about just him. Catelyn has (almost) no words for a lot of episodes now, but the actress is so good, that even her silent presence on screen means much. Unlike Blackfish or Talisa. Blackfish, who is nothing like in the books, and Talisa, who is fussing about the hair of the king as if he were a child, and in front of the people. A golden chain for Shae made me believe that we will have her story end somewhat like in the books. But at the same time it is not the same as in the books. If she really can buy a ship with that chain than why stay, if not truly out of love for Tyrion? Book Shae never had that opportunity or she would have used it :ninja: Sansa continues to be written awfully this season as well. Not a sign of her armour, she seems less capable of a smart thought than in season 1. Arya's escape was unbelievable :D And this group of people is really planning to take on twenty armed Lannister men. Ygritte (one of my favorite characters in the books) bores me, Jon bores me. Orell was very quick to cut Ygritee loose and let her die last episode, given that he loves (?) her this episode. Tywin and Joffrey's scene was good to a point where Tywin leveled up with him and offered for him to be carried in the meetings. But then... not so much. It felt like the scene was written in just to please people who hate Joffrey. (They seem to tink that nothing goes as far in pleasing a viewer as nude things, rough jokes and Joffrey hate :D) Anyway, Tywin proceeds to be awful to Joffrey and cut him off, while Joffrey is actually showing some sign of interest to be a part of things one way or another. Tywin just seems... not that competent and incapable of seizing an opportunity. I gave it a 7.
  3. One more thing that went over my head then :frown5: I just did not fallow it, it would seem. "Lies we agreed to tell" threw me. I thought about later books.
  4. Is there an explanation as to why Littlefinger spoke about "Aegon's enemies" to Varys? Did I misshear or is it this big?
  5. I try to :ninja: But it somehow made me feel better (not even a little serious) about the episode. And I just had to try and fell better about it :D
  6. In S2 she was a captive peasant, made to witness the torture done by the men who held her. And Gendry was someone she barely knew. In S3 she is a highborn to be ransomed for a high price by men who praise her father and give trials to the likes of the Hound. And Gendry is supposed to be "her family".
  7. I did not like (almost) a single piece of it, so if you are of the ones happy with it, just skip :P :blink: :mellow: Likely the first episode I was repeatedly checking time, if it is going to be over already. And definitely the first (in a bad way) I went to find who wrote this stuff. Benioff and Weiss? :wacko: The things what made me most mad, besides the general wasting of the screen time, were the handling of Arya/Gendry, Blackfish, Loras. No way in all the worlds is it in Arya's character to see her friend taken away against his will by some stupid cow and do nothing. They could have had her away training with Anguy or any other excuse, because Melisandre's gibberish about the darkness in her was neither here nor there for most of the viewers, I'd guess. Blaskfich, who is one of my characters in the books, stays dum on TV, all blaming, no suggesting or doing anything else except repressing Edmure. Loras childhood dreams about his wedding gave a half-smile, but also a neon writing of the word *stereotype*. I don't know, for me the actor already presents his character weakly with his acting, and the stuff he is given makes it worse :P Meera/Osha was simply a waste, Gilly/Sam almost as well, even the effects of Wall climbing seemed from an era of around 1970s. Dislike very much. Hope the next one will get back to being great or good.
  8. I didn't rate it. Because I doubt I will ever say "Take it off the air". But that was as close as it gets :D Awfuly handeled. Talisa, especially with Catelyn, Catelyn and Bran/Rickon, Catelyn and Jon Snow, Sansa's attitude towards Littlefinger, even her scenes with Margaery/Olenna. Uh.
  9. 9 I liked some small details that added to the whole: - Tyrion picking up a heavy axe before opening the door to the queen in her golden clothes - Sansa choosing a game that is about being able to go away, to start over, to create a story - Margaery and Loras just being normal at the KL, which is rare for the city :lol: Independent, self-sufficient and not tense. Best line: - Any lies in particular? Disliked how Robb's story is told. Talisa marching by his side, while he turns Catelyn into isolation. If it were so in the books, I Stannis' story on the other hand, is better seen on TV. The essence of the man was shown straightforward. Delusion and pretention. Good job. It was a calm episode to watch, I was not looking for any particular moments from the books, so maybe that helped.
  10. No one is throwing their hands in the air and crying for gods. There are really reasonable suggestions. While sticking to the books to every development is not asked, changing good original stuff with some blant stuff out of nowhere is bad. It becomes "A Song of Ice and Fire" - Made in China. I did not think this episode was so bad, certainly not the worst of the season, but lets give this episode and every episode respect with not talking in generalisations and the beaten to death ones.
  11. Did anyone else think that it will be Nymeria and not Grey Wind to attak the Lannister men at the beggining? :)
  12. I'm not sure how regal he was, but the point that he knew about a hurting leg of some minor horsekeeper/smith was excellent.
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