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  1. As a swallow once told me, Thumbelina was a girl who grew in a garden and had lots of adventures with marriage-inclined toads, shrews and cockchafers. Swallows like to gossip. I do too, so I told everyone else!
  2. Not Unhappy New Year! Here is some lucky red and nearly 8 clementines
  3. I do not play acrophobia But Mance ravens were good!
  4. @Fragile Bird @She who must be Obeyed @Count Balerion @Emmit
  5. One minuscule but useful detail, that he said "you and I", while addressing every person in the country. If he can keep it all the time he speaks, it can help to get the point across, instead of a "we", where everybody who does not like him think his "we" are "them"
  6. stop sleeping and make up a selection of games for me, without any delay
  7. Was there a detailed reply from someone credible why did the security fail and help was delayed?
  8. What are the really good Christmas and New Year's songs? I have only had two, but they are not about Christmas or New Year's at all
  9. If everybody moved out for the season, I will move in The game of the day is fortune telling, who knows what other games might come before the midnight of the year
  10. It was not a police inquiry If you can have Christmas, you can have mine, too!
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