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  1. Looked like the normal HBO Targ sigil to me
  2. Did you see the preview for next week? Looks like it picks right up.
  3. You think Aiden Gillen, after being in the last Batman movie, saw Bale's performance and thought "Aha! Thats what Littlefinger needs!"? LOL
  4. Yeah, just went and read his wiki entry. Think I had his name in my head from reading the sample chapter of World of Ice and Fire. Guess it was just the show inventing a character. Silly since there are so many Targ kings they couldve used.
  5. Wasnt there an Orys Baratheon? Maybe he was referencing a Storm King?
  6. It doesnt really matter though because the character isnt in the show. So, its highly unlikely that was his mount. Even moreso since he rode an elk and not a horse.
  7. But he's not in the show, so its not his horse because he doesnt ride a horse, he rode an elk.
  8. Strong ending, loved the bits at the Wall, Oberyn\Tywin, and Tyrion's scenes, but the rest of the episode, not so much. Next week looks pretty good, though.
  9. Its only the opening credits and I'm so damn nervous that my heart is racing and I'm holding my breath. Wow, this is so nerve wracking!
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