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  1. Mixed feelings about this episode. What I liked: - Theon taking over Winterfell - The riot at King's Landing- very emotional and tense scene. The Hound to the rescue! Could have done with more Joffrey slapping though. - Bolton's Bastard!! - Dany possibly showing a hint of Targaryen madness- claiming her "birthright", delusional about the difficulties involved in taking the iron throne, and expecting everyone's help, despite a very logical argument from the Spice King that it's a bad investment What I didn't like (after reflection mostly this one scene): This. Coming from a huge book-Jon fan, this whole scene was terrible. Why did Qhorin and company leave him so far behind? Did Jon's sword miss her neck? I doubt it, but if he missed on purpose, he obviously chose to let her go. Except then he chases her because he can't make up his mind. Come on Jon, either kill her or let her go! This makes him look like a complete moron because he is not thinking anything through, since he obviously can't return to Qhorin with Ygritte alive and in tow. The whole time he was chasing her was precious time that could have been used elsewhere. And he and the rangers lost each other?? Seriously? The only explanation I can think of is that they are not going to have Jon kill Qhorin. I hope this isn't the case because it's significant for his character development. But this might be crossing the line to have a protagonist do this on TV. Things I'm not sure about: - Robb and Talisa/Jeyne. I'm not really sure how that will play out but I'm reserving judgment. - Stealing Dragons. Quite a big change obviously, but I suppose it makes her storyline more interesting, and as one of the most major characters, I'm ok with giving her more to do so she has more screen time.
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