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    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    for the errata: Beric Dondarrion is listed in the ADWD appendix as Lord of BLACKWATER (should be Blackhaven) Lesser so, In ASOS, Tywin is already aware of Catelyn's demise when he speaks about her in the present tense with Jaime Davos in ASOS. Raping WINDOWS (instead of widows)
  2. The "yes, my mother taught me" line did make me chuckle. More Maergery maidenhead confusion :)
  3. Talisa writing letters again. I dont hate her like some fans do, but i feel like she HAS to die. I hope she *is* a honeypot. She replaced Jeyne, but I hope replaces Merrit Frey at the end of Stonehearts noose. Would make a great ending to season 3
  4. Cubicz

    Share Your Fan Site

    I have a tumblr where I post my orginal GoT comics. They're spoiler free and TV show specific. I'm posting weekly on Tuesdays, and they're episode-specific to season 3 until the end of the season. http://coiaf.tumblr.com/
  5. My take on it is that Cat is trying to find a pattern in the chaos. Having lost people in my life, you start asking yourself questions. should i have done something different? is it my fault? It's not unheard of to have regrets in life, especially after the damage is done. Her husband, father, and maybe her children are dead and she's still here. Why? With that said, it's a major deviation from the book. Screen Cat is different from book Cat. The only commonality is that a large portion of fans dislike her in both incarnations. At least they ended it with her saying she didn't keep her promise. If they had ended it with some crap like "if only I could see him again to say I'm sorry" , there would have been a table flipped in my house.