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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I rated it 6. Because it could have been much worse. There were many things I liked about this episode. There weren't unnecessary deaths. No epic battles. No random surprises. Just a calm ending of the show. Though it was very cliche. Dany started to remind a dictator. I still cannot understand why she changed so much. In the last episode she was so very wrong as never before. She cared about children and innocents but now suddenly she is so cruel... Ok, let it be mad queen. Anyway she and Jon could't be together. Her death was beautiful and Drogon melting the iron throne too. Though I waited that Tyrion will kill her. Some stuff was kind of strange. But I loved that in the end this is the story of Starks like it was in the beginning. Jon reminded me of Aemon who also served in the NW though he was a rightful heir. Jon's place is in the north. And people love him there. So for me it was a very nice ending. As I said - after this not so spectacular season it could be much worse.
  2. Obsidian Knight

    Who will die in the last episode?

    What are your predictions? Who is going to die? Who will live to see the spring?
  3. Obsidian Knight

    Bran's Final Purpose

    As I already mentioned he warged into Drogon or Dany to burn KL. We will know why. There must be a reason why they didn't show Dany not even once when Drogon was burning the city.
  4. Obsidian Knight

    How should Jon kill Dany

    If Dany really burned the city (it could be Bran. I believe that maybe he had his reasons to warg into Drogon/Dany (cause such a violent Dany is beyond my understanding)) then it will be Tyrion who kills her becoming like his brother. A Queenslayer. Saving those who are left from a Mad Queen.
  5. Obsidian Knight

    What happened to the Iron Throne?

    It's intact because it's very important to show the throne in the last episode.
  6. Obsidian Knight

    Drogon's demise

    I think that Drogon will obey Jon.
  7. Obsidian Knight

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Could it be that Bran warged into Drogon and burned King's Landing because "three-eyed raven told so"? Did they show Dany burning all those innocent people? No. Maybe she fell off the dragon when the bells started to ring. I mean they must surprise us because that's what they are doing. Doesn't matter if it's absurd or not.
  8. Obsidian Knight

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Very strange aftertaste. It's like everything's wrong. All the characters ruined. All of them. I hope that GRRM will write his own story. I hope that this ridiculous ending will inspire him to write. Because what I saw was ridiculous. Some whys. Why GRRM didn't write scripts for these series? (can somebody answer?) What the hell happened to Cersei always staring expressionless until she is just killed by bricks? Wtf is this? At least they died together though I hope that Cersei survived. This death just doesn't feel right. Why Dany just burned everyone? Why? What happened to her when she started to burn children? They didn't even show her face. Maybe she fell from her dragon and he went nuts? Everything can happen in this show. Even the most absurd things... I understand that she's mad a bit. But why so violent? Wtf with Jon? Just watcing how Varys gets burned. What is he thinking? He loved Ygritte too but this love wasn't blind. Is he just tired? At least now he will take some action. Same about Tyrion. When did he become so blind? Staring sadly after making the hundreth mistake. Two characters I hate - Euron and Bronn. They should have killed Bronn long ago but he keeps appearing and makes everything so boring. And that huge role they gave to Euron. And that shitty death. Those lame scorpions. But no... They will kill Bronn in the last episode. That should be the Night King's episode. That useless Bran. He could be something! We will never know. I liked the fight between the Mountain (Varysface) and the Hound. Really liked.
  9. Obsidian Knight

    Who's left to marry Sansa

    She will not marry again. But I always thought that she marries Sandor in the end.
  10. Obsidian Knight

    the death of Jaime and Cersei & prophecies

    I'm sure that Jamie died but I'm not sure that Cersei died. but my prophecies never work.
  11. Obsidian Knight

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Just finished watching the episode. Epic and disappointing at the same time. But I don't think that they ruined Daenerys. She is used to be the winner since the Dothraki times. She feels like a queen and seeks for adoration. She thinks that Westeros is hers to take by any means. I never really liked this character. Oppressed by her brother she grew greedy for power cause without it she's just a little fragile girl. We already saw how crazy she is about burning everyone who is against her. How she burned Tarlys and now Varys. I'm surprised that Jon and Tyrion followed her. SHE betrayed everyone not listening to the bells... But soon her own child will turn against her. Drogon will listen to Jon.
  12. Obsidian Knight

    Game of Thrones character poll

    1. 30 2. F 3. Jamie 4. Bronn
  13. Obsidian Knight

    Kill Predictions thread

    The Mountain - Sandor and/or Arya Cersei - Jamie (dies) Euron - Yara Qyburn will burn.
  14. Obsidian Knight

    About Bran

    The dragon is dead. Go got hit in the heart twice and through the neck. But Bran must warg into someone and change something. Why was he so important for the Night King? What is Bran's destiny? Until now in this season he is a pointless character.
  15. Obsidian Knight


    If Cersei isn't pregnant then that I could understand why Tyrion's speech at the gate didn't reach her. If there is no baby she doesn't really care about the future. Euron is going to drown. And I hope that Yara will kill him.
  16. I hope that this huge thing is the dragon laying some eggs.
  17. Obsidian Knight

    Cersei's Army

    Where did Cersei exactly buy her sellswords from? Could it be possible that Daario Naharis appears and fights for Cersei to betray her in the end? Or maybe he will betray Dany when he sees that she's with another man.
  18. They would need weeks or months to shovel all the army of dead away... Again I hate how fast everyone travels everywhere. This show looks more and more like a parody. It's hard to connect emotionally with the characters. Their choices have become strange, ridiculous and cliche. They try to tie all the ends and tie them fast but everything looks awkward and false. There were very few things I liked in this episode. The worst was Dany meeting Cersei. Come on. Cersei could just kill Dany there. But no... She plays a drama beheading Missandei. I'm waiting for this show to end. The fans of books are too far disappointed to take it anymore. (sorry for posting my answer twice. it was unintentionally)
  19. They would need weeks or months to shovel all the army of dead away... Again I hate how fast everyone travels everywhere. This show looks more and more like parody. It's hard to connect emotionally with the characters. They try to tie all the ends and tie them fast but everything looks awkward and false. I'm waiting for this show to end. The fans of books are too far disappointed to take it anymore.
  20. Obsidian Knight

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    When Ned died. It was the first breaking point. When I saw Talisa. And when I saw Sand sisters. I really hated it because they gave such a huge role to them in series...gradually the show became very unlike the books.
  21. Obsidian Knight

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    It's good that Melisandre came to bring some light to this episode so we could see something. The battle strategy was very strange. Dragons could do much more. They coud actually burn the dead ones at least. I like the scene with Dothraki running to their death though it was useless. They would be much more useless without those burning arakhs. Dany could be more wise not to doom all her army. Dragons should be those who start the action. This episode was too epic for my taste. The battles like Loot train attack, Wildlings versus Night's Watch or The battle of bastards gave me shivers. This battle didn't. They saved all the main characters. Killed some not so important ones like Edd. Just to kill somebody. Maybe the battle wasn't so impressive because I waited for this battle since the Episode 1. And it's always awkward when everything comes to an end. So the battle was funny and serious in the same time. I'm happy the WW plot is finished. I still cannot understand why WW were roaming in the rooms of Winterfell? Couldn't they seal or lock all the doors? How did they gnaw into the crypts? I was all for "more epic" sake and I didn't like it. Also Theon's epic death. Daenery's fighting beside poor Jorah. I knew Beric would die. His death was the best one in this episode (except NK of course). I'm disappointed. The battle even seemed boring sometimes. Maybe I should watch it once more.
  22. Obsidian Knight

    Death scene: Theon

    I hated how he died. I didn't love this character but he was here for all the seasons and went through so many challenges. Just to die like this in the end... There could be a little battle at least. Not just running towards the death like a fool. There are some deaths like this in Game of Thrones. It's a pity.
  23. Obsidian Knight

    Arya's three deaths

    What does Melisandre mean saying that Arya killed the death with brown eyes and with green eyes? Blue eyes meant Night King, I see. I don't want to search previous seasons so I'm asking to someone who remembers.
  24. Obsidian Knight

    Arya's three deaths

    That really makes sense. Thank you for answers.
  25. Obsidian Knight

    Will we see any familiar faces amongst the undead?

    Hodor will be there for sure.