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    Order of deaths to come.

    They saved Jorah from greyscale. He won't die... I'm thinking also of Robin. The Nest must be one of nice havens if the dragon wright is dead. Also there is Edmure left. So many loose ends... How will they tie everything together?
  2. Obsidian Knight

    Order of deaths to come.

    I hope that Brienne stays with Jamie.
  3. Obsidian Knight

    The Night King and King's Landing

    There will be battle at Winterfell but the Night King will retreat and go south.
  4. Obsidian Knight

    Order of deaths to come.

    Grey Worm will die. And almost all Dany's army will die. Dany will also lose one of her dragons to kill the dragon wright. Beric will die for the last time. Tormund will die. Cersei will die. Probably Tyrion at the end of the show. And Bran. I hope that Bronn will die. He could already in the season 7. The Hound will kill his mummy brother. Qyburn will die. Probably, Davos, though I love this character. Euron will die! And the Night King. Who will stay? Dany and Jon. Sam. Jamie. Brienne. Gendry. Arya. Sansa. The Hound. Jorah. Theon. Yara. Varys. Podric. Missandei. Ellaria. Melisandre. Meera. I'm only guessing.
  5. Ok, I give ten. There are many things that could be better but I cannot complain at all. What I loved about this episode: Littlefinger's death. When he spoke to Sansa about Arya's evil plans, I thought "come on, Sansa, you cannot be that stupid". And the end of this cunning character was amazing. Littlefinger on his knees praying for mercy... I wanted to see this so bad! It was too satisfying. Life teached Arya and Sansa a lesson. And it was amazing to see that they learned something from it. Ned would be proud. Well, I'm waiting to see Arya with LF's face now. Jon and Dany together. I read books and dreamt to see them together. At last it is happening. And it doesn't matter at all whether they are aunt and nephew. I wanted to see it from the very beginning. Ice and fire. It's a pity that the scene was so short. Theon. I really wanted this miserable guy to do something with his miserable existence. I thought that he's gonna die in that fighting scene. I suppose his experience made him somewhat of a masochist. Now he's reborn. He will not be coward again. He will not give up though it hurts like hell. He's ready to die for his sister. Ice dragon. I didn't like the mission that killed the dragon. There could be a better way to turn a dragon without all that illogical stuff. But I love the result. He chopped a piece of the Wall like it's a piece of cake. It was a great ending of this season. Jaimie. Seeing him leaving his sister... At last. He was a marionette for too long. Snow (not Jon) in King's Landing. It was the perfect timing. My heart shivered. What I was not impressed about: The meeting. I suppose that was so hard to bring everyone together. Cersey and Dany. Brothers Sandor and Mountain. Random dothraki and so on. Theon and Euron. Lannister family. Well, the meeting seemed awkward. But it was necessary. It was a tough scene to make. I liked the wight part though. Bran. I don't like how he works. I still haven't figured out how he works. It's like he's seeing everything but at the same time seeing nothing unless someone says something. Then he travels to places and sees marriages. Rhaegar. I don't think that anybody liked him. But I was impressed. Winter is coming. Waiting for the next season may begin.
  6. Obsidian Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I would love to see Sansa betraying Littlefinger as he betrayed her father. Actually, when Arya gave Littlefinger's knife to Sansa it could be a hint to kill him so Arya could use his face for sisters to achieve a common goal. To kill Cersey.
  7. Obsidian Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I agree. I didn't get it either. If she promised to protect both the girls, then why is Sansa sending her away? Does she really want to deal with her sister with Littlefinger's help though she has seen her sister's skills.
  8. I remember how immensely slow the traveling seemed in the season one. King Baratheon arrived in Winterfell. It seemed like a twice per lifetime journey. Now it seems that the kids from the Wall can study in Kings Landing and visit their parents weekly.
  9. Obsidian Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I have controversial thoughts about this episode. I cannot rate it. I was already afraid that their mission "Get a Wight for Cersei" will turn into a disaster -- one of Dany's dragons will be turned. And it happened. The episode was entertaining and I watched it with an open mouth but I hated many things about it. The way Benjen Stark died. It was horrible. I couldn't believe it... Such a fighter and survivor. They could run away together! It reminded me so much about the way Selmy died. Totally unneeded to kill for a killing's sake. Jon fighting the wights when everybody else was on the dragon ready to leave. That was dumb. That metal chain in the end.What the ````? Arya. Why is she doing this to her sister? It seems so mean. But OK. That was just annoying. Totally unplanned mission. I don't believe that they couldn't think of a more logistic plan to capture a wight. Why they didn't take the ravens? Why they cannot ride on the horses like Benjen does? (Why don't they wear the hats? That's my eternal question.) Et cetera. The Hound throwing stones at the wights. Really? The moments that I liked: WW killing dragon. Conversation between Tormund and the Hound. A moment in the boat where Dany sees Jon "taking knife in his heart for his people". The moment when Jon calls Dany his queen. The polar bear injuring Thoros.
  10. Ned's thoughts in the first book already give a hint that Jon is Lyanna's son. Her words "Promise me..." before her death can only mean something very important. An important secret. And Ned stubbornly doesn't reveal anyone the mother's name of his bastard son and doesn't talk about her at all. He would reveal to his wife that Jon is Lyanna's son if the father would be someone else. Jon is Rheagar's son and that's why it must be secret. His best friend Robert would kill the child. He's famous for his temper. Also the direwolf. Re-reading the first book, it seemed symbolic that he gets the white wolf. Not because he's Snow but because the Targaryens are white-haired. He is Stark but he is also his father's son. Then I got to the part when Jon got severe burns while saving Mormont from the Wights. So he's not fire resistant like Dany. But then... We don't know much about Targaryens. Probably not all of them are "dragons". So I will keep reading. (:
  11. Obsidian Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    I give it 9. Some unexpected events took place like "Jon is not a bastard" and "Lannisters have future". And I waited for Jorah and Dany's reunion. Though I start to dislike Arya. She became cunning in a dark sort of way. Like that Faceless girl the Waif.
  12. Obsidian Knight

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    After watching the whole 5th season I need to re-read the last two books because they've changed and cut so many plots that I don't understand now what G.R.R. Martin has actually written and what was changed in the series. :stillsick:
  13. Obsidian Knight

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    After watching the whole 5th season I need to re-read the last two books because they've changed and cut so many plots that I don't understand now what G.R.R. Martin has actually written and what was changed in the series. :stillsick:
  14. Obsidian Knight

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    After watching the whole 5th season I need to re-read the last two books because they've changed and cut so many plots that I don't understand now what G.R.R. Martin has actually written and what was changed in the series. :stillsick:
  15. Obsidian Knight

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I've waited for this episode and it was well done. The ending brought tears in my eyes though I knew what was gonna happen. The way how Freys killed Talisa added even more tragedy to this massacre. Though it's so sad and disturbing to watch Starks die, the revenge will come, I believe it. The North remembers.
  16. Obsidian Knight

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I am disappointed in this episode. :( Rob's marriage was something strange. I thought that there would be a moment when she says that she's not from Volantis and her name is Jeyne Westerling. Still I cannot understand why such a departure from the book. And seven gods... when he was so like his father. Second disappointment was Theon and the fall of Winterfell. Who burned it in the series? Some men from Pyke? No Reeds, no Ramsay, no flayed men. The scene with Sam was alright though those "men" looked like zombies from some zombie film. Scene with Dany was bad. I liked Drogo and the baby, but I've waited for more. Brienne seemed very merciless though in the book she found it difficult to kill. Where's Dontos? Ah, and Stannis strangling Melisandre. It's even worse than f```ing her. But I liked the scene with the Faceless man. (: The first season was much much better!