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  1. Obsidian Knight

    That was Rhaegar?

    I like your point.
  2. Ok, I give ten. There are many things that could be better but I cannot complain at all. What I loved about this episode: Littlefinger's death. When he spoke to Sansa about Arya's evil plans, I thought "come on, Sansa, you cannot be that stupid". And the end of this cunning character was amazing. Littlefinger on his knees praying for mercy... I wanted to see this so bad! It was too satisfying. Life teached Arya and Sansa a lesson. And it was amazing to see that they learned something from it. Ned would be proud. Well, I'm waiting to see Arya with LF's face now. Jon and Dany together. I read books and dreamt to see them together. At last it is happening. And it doesn't matter at all whether they are aunt and nephew. I wanted to see it from the very beginning. Ice and fire. It's a pity that the scene was so short. Theon. I really wanted this miserable guy to do something with his miserable existence. I thought that he's gonna die in that fighting scene. I suppose his experience made him somewhat of a masochist. Now he's reborn. He will not be coward again. He will not give up though it hurts like hell. He's ready to die for his sister. Ice dragon. I didn't like the mission that killed the dragon. There could be a better way to turn a dragon without all that illogical stuff. But I love the result. He chopped a piece of the Wall like it's a piece of cake. It was a great ending of this season. Jaimie. Seeing him leaving his sister... At last. He was a marionette for too long. Snow (not Jon) in King's Landing. It was the perfect timing. My heart shivered. What I was not impressed about: The meeting. I suppose that was so hard to bring everyone together. Cersey and Dany. Brothers Sandor and Mountain. Random dothraki and so on. Theon and Euron. Lannister family. Well, the meeting seemed awkward. But it was necessary. It was a tough scene to make. I liked the wight part though. Bran. I don't like how he works. I still haven't figured out how he works. It's like he's seeing everything but at the same time seeing nothing unless someone says something. Then he travels to places and sees marriages. Rhaegar. I don't think that anybody liked him. But I was impressed. Winter is coming. Waiting for the next season may begin.
  3. Obsidian Knight

    Height of the mountain in the show

    Yes, when he stood before his brother, The Mountain looked much smaller. And ugly indeed. Sandor could be glad.
  4. Obsidian Knight

    That was Rhaegar?

    Viserys was beautiful but evil and cowardly. Making Rhaegar look like him made the same associations with this character. I imagined Rhaegar much taller and fierce with long hair. And that Viserys's wig. Too bad... Jon is nothing like his father. But I like Lyanna very much.
  5. Obsidian Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I would love to see Sansa betraying Littlefinger as he betrayed her father. Actually, when Arya gave Littlefinger's knife to Sansa it could be a hint to kill him so Arya could use his face for sisters to achieve a common goal. To kill Cersey.
  6. Obsidian Knight

    Dany's Armies

    When the war is won, what is going to happen with Dany's armies? The Unsullied are free men and Westeros is a foreign land to them. Dothraki could never lead a peaceful life. War is in their blood so it's better for them to return back to their homeland. That leaves Dany only with her dragons. To keep the throne she needs more than that. She needs to gain the sympathy of Westerosi Lords. But she already lost many of them (Martells, Greyjoys) and killed/threatened some (Tarlys).
  7. Obsidian Knight

    Cersei's invitation.

    I suppose that almost everyone from Dany, Lannister and Jon's part will arrive there. Lords, their friends and guards and armies.
  8. Obsidian Knight

    Cersei and her secret...

    This is a crazy theory but the arguments seem so strong. I think that she is pregnant. And the baby is Jamie's. She would want a baby only from Jamie. Though there is a thing that leads to manipulation: a witch predicted that she'll have 3 children and all of them will die. On the other hand, Quiburn's words: "I will give you something" in the moment when Jamie enters. That really seems like it couldn't have been coincidence. Also there could be some truth in Olenna's words. She believed that Cersei is a true monster and Jamie must keep away from her. And Olenna is a clever lady.
  9. Obsidian Knight

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    She will not die. The time when they killed main characters is over. As far as it went by the book George was great at finding the best way for everyone to die. In the series so many deaths seem just for the "keeping the style" but the purpose and time and way seems totally wrong. Only one season left and everything comes to conclusion. The conclusion must be good. It should be satisfying if you want to keep a good story. They can kill everyone who is replaceable in a sort of way or just unnecessary anymore. Dany isn't replaceable. All these seasons I waited for everyone to reunite. This season did it all in a very fast and kind of unsatisfying way. It would be so much better if they made much more slower version of everything. Some episodes in the previous seasons were like nothing is happening but now it seems like everything is happening at the same time.
  10. Obsidian Knight

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    Yes, they become easier to kill. That's bad. I remember how hard it was when they attacked Commander Mormont in the first season. Only two of them. It seemed a real challenge. Now they are like the sacks of bones. And White Walkers also don't seem as invincible as before. But what do they want? The children of forest made them to kill people. So they are doing it. Their mission is to kill them all. Maybe there is a way to remove that Childrens' dagger out of WW heart and make him human again. I don't know. I suppose they have some great metal constructions to get over the wall. Because those chains were impressive.
  11. Obsidian Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I agree. I didn't get it either. If she promised to protect both the girls, then why is Sansa sending her away? Does she really want to deal with her sister with Littlefinger's help though she has seen her sister's skills.
  12. Obsidian Knight

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    Very good point. Mirri's prophecy could be just a threat. Dany believes that she cannot have children but she never went to any maester to make sure.
  13. Obsidian Knight

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    It's a book quote but I remember that some part of it was used in the show too. Mirri killed her child and her fertility. Dany is the Mother of Dragons. Only dragons. Thank you. Now I remember the Kingsmoot.
  14. I remember how immensely slow the traveling seemed in the season one. King Baratheon arrived in Winterfell. It seemed like a twice per lifetime journey. Now it seems that the kids from the Wall can study in Kings Landing and visit their parents weekly.
  15. Obsidian Knight

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east," she said sadly. "When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When my womb quickens again, and I bear a living child. Then you will return, my sun-and-stars, and not before. /Daenerys/ So it's never. She cannot have a baby. But I didn't understand what Tyrion meant about succession when he mentioned "Night's Watch has one method" and also Ironborn's method. Does he mean the method when you choose the commander by voting? And what is the Ironborn method?