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  1. they have never captured his book character. They failed him until the end. Not surprised either. Actor Stephen Dillane did a good job with what he was given, though. So not his fault.
  2. I stand firm in my support of book Stannis and believe he'll turn on Mel in both book and show.
  3. Shae scenes are so painful. WHY couldn't they have given him a better actress to work with?
  4. This Cat scene is not in the books, right? Is it possible my complicated mixed feelings towards her have made me miss a sympathetic scene on several re-reads?
  5. I'm totally okay with it how it happened. just was going to kick myself if I blinked and missed a cool visual of Renly's standard emerging thru the mist of something like that. I wonder if the chain-obsessors are still going to be pissed after seeing that great hour of television? The hardcore San-San shippers will be bummed, too, I suspect. But honestly, how can anyone be disappointed after that?
  6. No Renly's ghost? I couldn't really tell what Stannis saw when he screamed....
  7. Did Cersei wear a breastplate in the book? I can't remember. She's amazing in this episode. Almost making Shae interesting.
  8. Bronn - Sandor scene: "you're just like me.... only smaller." Thank you for writing this GRRM!
  9. There were some great moments in this episode. The best for me was Arya's little shrug in answer to Jaquen's "a girl has no honor." Perfect. I'm not a purist when it comes to screen adaptations. It works for me when the feelings I already have for characters are amplified or deepened after watching the TV version of the story -- in tonight's case my love of Stannis's delivery and my overall irritation with Dany's brattiness. One tiny thing I do wish they'd kept though - I liked that Ghost led Jon to the dragonglass hoard on the Fist. Not a big deal story-wise, but I like the ancient Northern-ness of it.
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