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  1. lostinwesteros

    Would you rather?

    Priest of R'hllor Would you rather be: Cersei Lannister or Arya Stark?
  2. lostinwesteros

    A theory about the Night King

    And then ... for all my forecast, turns out it didn't have anything to do with the NK! I still think it'll figure in in an important way, however, else why include it when I believe only book readers have heard of it at this point. Perhaps the Children who might still be there, and the Green Men, will come to the aid of Dany when the battle reaches KL. And we know it's full of weirwoods, so perhaps it would be a 'home base' for Bran. It's not far from Riverrun, and Edmund would be only too happy to aid in fighting Cersei, so perhaps that area will become a stronghold for Dany/Jon, etc. And after losing all the men that were lost in 8.3 tonight, they'll need all the reinforcements they can get (and a little magic from the Isle of Faces wouldn't hurt).
  3. lostinwesteros

    Theory: Bran's plan

    OK, trying again, still having trouble with format, but here goes: Thanks for the OP, @branstarkoverdrive - you've given the idea a lot of thought. I don't think Bran will warg into the NK, either. I believe we get the most complete info about death while warging in the Varamyr Prologue to ADWD. Varamyr tried desperately to warg into the wilding woman Thistle as he was dying, but she fought him fiercely and was able to keep him out. (Perhaps intelligence in itself isn't as much of a factor as resistance, though of course, it's more likely that resistance increases with intelligence, or at least awareness, of what is happening.) The last thing Varamyr remembers: ETA: I don't seem to be able to separate my last paragraph from the quoted material. But hope it makes sense.
  4. lostinwesteros

    Theory: Bran's plan

  5. lostinwesteros

    A theory about the Night King

    Here's the link to a breakdown of the new opening credits, showing the Isle actually as a peninsula rather than an isle. Thus connected to the mainland, it could serve to make it easier for the AofD to swarm the isle and destroy all the weirwood trees. One thought is that the NK could aim for the Isle, the place of his origin, to also destroy any of the Children that might be left there. I believe the specifics of the Isle of Faces starts at about 4:35 of the 8:16 video. https://youtu.be/SnoTnPX3Trs
  6. lostinwesteros

    A theory about the Night King

    Right - my thinking is that the fire has no power over him, since he is easily able to 'extinguish' it. That was the circle of fire that Leaf caused, though, and as was said in 8.2, we don't know what dragon fire might do. However, I'm thinking that in Hardhome we also saw that fire had no effect on the Walkers - the Walker 'Lieutenant', or whatever his designation would be, that came into the hut that was burning (the one that Jon eventually killed with Longclaw), was not effected by the fire. Of course, what will 'work' or not with another Walker might not be at all sufficient for the NK himself. This business of destroying the NK is one aspect of the final season that has me totally clueless!
  7. lostinwesteros

    A theory about the Night King

    That connection between dragon glass creating NK and the fact that it can also be used to kill the Others is a conundrum, complicated for me when we discovered the Children had also used dragon glass to prevent Benjen from completing the 'turn' into wight. But somehow I think destroying the NK is going to involve something much more than dragon glass, however it might be handled. What that is, I have NO idea - I have read the theories on youtube, looked in forum threads, and it's still a huge mystery to me. One of the things I've wondered is whether the Children - if there are any left at this point - might have a vital role to play, though if they'd been able to single-handedly 'undo' the NK, they'd have done it before. BUT ... someone pointed out to me that the Isle of Faces is now featured in the opening credits!!! I just think there must be a powerful connection there and that perhaps that will even be the place where the NK is defeated.
  8. lostinwesteros

    Theory about Jamie Brienne and Ice

    Ha - I like your vision! As to Ice, I can't site a source, but it seems I read somewhere that there had been more than one sword named Ice wielded by the Starks (their use of family swords would have covered 8,000 years - I'm not sure when the First Men arrived in Westeros). @Hippocras above had the same info about there being more than just the one sword. But this gives rise to the question of what was done with the other Stark "Ice" swords. I don't know if they would all have been Valyrian steel, but for some reason I think so, and my guess is that the others would have been placed down in the crypt beside their 'owner'. Brings to mind some interesting possibilities about 8.3 airing tonight ... wonder if they will play a part in what happens down in the crypts.
  9. My money's on Theon. He's come full circle, and after all of his betrayals, mistakes, and horrible misfortunes, he's come home, i.e., returning to what he now realizes was really his home all along, and coming home in terms of redemption, amounting to forgiveness from Bran. I really, really like Aurel Waters' post, below. Theon never felt he really had roots, or a home, even before he betrayed the Starks, but he has one now, at WF trying to protect Bran.
  10. lostinwesteros

    A theory about the Night King

    We know he can't be killed by fire, as he walked through a ring of it when BR's cave was attacked, and in Ep 2, it was established that no one knew whether or not dragon fire could kill him. I have a feeling it's going to be a little more complicated ... perhaps the NK's living or dying is connected to another character's living or dying? I hope that doesn't mean Jon ...
  11. lostinwesteros

    Mysterious Missandei

    Nah, methinks Missandei is just who she seems to be. And I fear she and GW will be goners in 8.3.
  12. I very much fear we'll see Hodor and Summer. I don't think Brienne burned Stannis after executing him, so his return might be a possibility as well, but there's so much to be covered in the remaining episodes that I'm not sure how much time will be devoted to more than a few of these main instances. We know there're giants from the ones Thoros and Sandor saw in the flame vision at the onset of S7, and I feel sure they will make an appearance. I also wonder about Karsi since the previews/trailers have all shown her being raised by the NK after Hardhome.
  13. lostinwesteros

    We didn’t see the Night King at he end of E02

    The dragon flying over KL that Bran saw in a vision had 'intact' wings, thus couldn't be Viserion, but I do think that the NK may not be involved in the battle at WF in 8.3 at all, unless it is just long enough to raise the Stark dead (if indeed that's what happens). What makes sense to me is that the battle with the dead won't end at WF. People will scatter, maybe some of the living will make it to the Iron Islands to 'regroup' while the AofD marches on to KL. I've saw a post where someone guessed the battle with the dead won't end till Ep. 5, with the last Ep of the season devoted to the aftermath and what new beginnings will come about (basically where Martin's ADOS will end, provided we do get those last two books.)
  14. lostinwesteros

    Theory about Jamie Brienne and Ice

    I had thought about the fact that both parts of Ice (Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail) will be fighting side by side in the upcoming battle in 8.3, since Jaime had asked to fight with Brienne, and so Ice will, in effect, be used to protect Winterfell, but I had forgotten that Ned's Ice was only one of a long series of Stark ancestral swords named Ice. I wonder what significance it might have with the other swords named Ice down in the crypts with the Starks of old, as I'm still wondering how the coming of the NK might effect what's down in the crypts. But, whatever transpires in the next episode, I agree with the OP that something very significant is being 'hidden in plain sight' about these swords.
  15. lostinwesteros

    [Spoilers] EP701

    I think so, too!