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  1. Deminelle


    I am now reminded of tv-show LOST! They also sent messages which ended up at Pearl Tube Depository.
  2. Deminelle

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Well it was a bit sarcastic remark. If they intended to leave everyone confused, they succeeded.
  3. Deminelle


    ^^ Yeah, it's like the show ran out of time and so did the characters.
  4. Deminelle

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Well, the thing is that it's not unreasonable for a viewer to think that way when we are given the idea that Bran sees visions in the past and future and his lines and actions support the events that lead to this outcome. Of course, he could just be the one responsible person in the end who has to take it. How do we know then? Either believe in common sense telling us he wasn't a manipulator or believe that we were given clues? Or blame the bad writing? Or is it genius writing?
  5. Maybe he could see how the future is changing based on his knowledge of the past and actions in the present.
  6. Deminelle

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    But in the show Missandei says Naath will welcome them?
  7. Deminelle

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    How does it confirm that?
  8. Deminelle


    Jon was sentenced to never have a wife or reproduce himself. Sansa might settle for Gendry, she was already supposed to marry Baratheons.
  9. Deminelle


    Yara, I thought, was more interested in women. Tyrion did suggest Jon and Dany marry. Tyrion is someone I can see fixing marriages, one for himself as well, in the future. Does Gendry still wait for Arya? I don't think so. He'll marry soon.
  10. Deminelle

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    I've tried to draw connections between the events: Tyrion and Bran talking at the fireplace, Tyrion suggesting Bran as King, leaving North for Sansa to grab. As if it was planned much longer than only after the battle.
  11. Deminelle

    If there was season 9...

    I would also prefer a time jump. Tyrion has a pretty daughter, who would actually be smart and has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She knows all the stories. Sansa is not the mother but Tyrion still reminisces her fondly. The real mother died in child birth, naturally. North has isolated themselves from Westeros because they prosper while the rest of the land lacks everything under Bran's rule: food, education... weapons they don't really need because there are no wars. Bran is still searching for Drogon in vain, spends most of his time wandering in his memories and his visions are all blurry. He has started training hundreds of young cripples and other outcasts to warg too, but they don't really get anywhere, they just loiter around in his palace. The lords are too happy spending time in Bronn's brothels. Rest of the Unsullied and Dothraki keep the common people in order as they work in the fields. They were long ago promised their own lands if they work hard enough but this was long forgotten. Sam has immersed himself in finding important documents in Citadel but can't keep track of anything. Home is packed with kids, Gilly giving birth to one every year. Tyrion's daughter, called Cerseime after her late aunt and uncle, is the new adventurer in the story. Trying to get in contact with mysterious Queen Sansa she's only heard tales of. Hoping she'd be kind enough to help the degraded South. Cerseime brings together all second generation characters to start a fabulous journey to Winterfell. Something to start with...
  12. Deminelle

    Independent North

    Obviously Theresa May hasn't watched Game of Thrones. She could have learned something from Sansa.
  13. Deminelle

    If there was season 9...

    How would it start?
  14. Deminelle

    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    For a while I expected them to tell everyone next that Jon has a claim and he will take the throne.
  15. Deminelle

    A season of Jons betrayal

    There just has to be season 9, lol. Dany isn't dead after all, Drogon took her some place to get recovered. We have enough characters to carry on. Maybe not quite the next year but in ten or twenty.