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  1. 8/10 Nice to finally see Dorne, nights watch moving forward with commander election. Danys storyline chugging along...
  2. Re - the beetle scene I may be in the minority but I liked it. Not because they talked about beetles but rather the 2 brothers interacting with each other so well. They could have talked about the price of wine or about peeing off Casterley Rock when they were kids - it wouldnt matter. The scene was about 2 brothers from a troubled family having a heart to heart chat
  3. I gave it a 9.I enjoyed it, liked the BWB scenes, Jon and Ygritte getting frisky, Tywin laying down the law to Cersei/Tyrion. Things are starting to fall apart in camp Stark but the Jaime/Brienne bath scene blew me away. Jaime confessing something he's carried on his shoulders for 17 years...........breathtaking!
  4. This whole series is good in that it keeps all major stories rolling with screen time. Jaime/Brienne Joffrey/Kings Landing Dany Knights watch Theon/Ramsay Each episode gives you a blast of everything
  5. I'd rather George R.R. Martin took his time and wrote a decent enjoyable novel than rush it out and have it fall short of the fans expectations
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