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  1. Someone brooke my lamp and now i'm free!

  2. So the map of westeros used in the show seems the same of the books, right? So the overall geographic features are the same, right? because Robb's plan confuses me. If he's going to march on Casterly Rock(presumably a castle as strong as Winterfell), and there's a road between CR and KL, wouldn't he be at risk of Tywin(with his Tyrell-Lannister army) trapping him against the sea? And why would Tywin lose his power if CR fell? Did Robb's power fell when Theon took WF? And even if Robb took CR, with the greater Lannister-Tyrell outside wouldn't he be trapped? Am i the only one that is confused about this plan?
  3. Djinn

    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    So let me see if i got it strait: Melisamdre thinks that sacrificing Gendry(because of his king's blood) will give Stannis victory over his enemies. Stannis and Davos are not sure about it, and convince her to perform a test,in which three leeches are filled with Gendry's king's blood and sacrificed along with the names of Stannis enemies. The point being that is the king's blood actually works, something will happen to these three people(Robb, Balon and Joffrey). Once the news of Robb's death arrives, instead of waiting for the effects of the other two leeches to present themselves(and rule out the possibility of coincidence), Stannis decides to sacrifice Gendry without the confirmation of the test he himself devised. Now if he believes that king's blood sacrifice works, why not keep Gendry alive and use the leech method to undermined his enemies. If he doesn't believe, why not wait for the test to be prove wrong? His motivations, beliefs and methodology seem to shift without explanation between the scenes. Is it just me or there's somewhat of a disconection between this sequence?
  4. Fire, Ice and Song.