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  1. If Mel ends up bringing Jon back its pretty clear why they included Beric. Without him Melisandre's kiss of life comes from nowhere.
  2. 5 seasons of a very popular show that is also very massive and difficult to adapt - inept? Not many people could do what they do.
  3. its the 1s that are the funniest. Whatever your thoughts are on the show, there are plenty worse shows on TV.
  4. Calm down it was a joke. I even voted a 9. If you actually changed your vote to counter-vote though that would be pretty funny since you complain about that exact thing in the comment. And it wasn't a counter-vote anyway, it was meant to represent added enjoyment due to the meltdowns in this this thread and the meltdowns coming from people who haven't watched the show yet.
  5. 10... 9 for the episode, +1 for the meltdowns already in this thread and the many others to come.
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