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  1. [quote name='urizen' post='1321473' date='Apr 20 2008, 09.14']I never felt bad for Theon before (I might after this chapter though) because he, in my opinion, was [u]never [/u]a victim of circumstance. He brought it upon himself through his stupidity and arrogance. Theon's incapable to take responsibilty for his own actions. It's always someone else's fault, be it Asha, Reek/Ramsay or anybody else. Theon is similar to Jorah Mormont in this case, who blames Ned for his misfortune. Nevermind that Jorah is up to eyeballs in debt and sells his people into slavery, according to him it's Ned who's a dirty, rotten bastard for upholding the law.[/quote] This, this, and this. I've always deeply disliked Theon for his arrogance and "it's not my fault, they made me do it" attitude. He's ignorant, whiny and self-pitying, and too damn old to be acting that way. Yes, he was in essence a glorified hostage and no, it wasn't his fault that his father decided to rebel against the king and he was the price of that rebellion. But that's just life in Westeros. He could have gotten much worse in terms of hostage arrangements. The Starks could have just thrown him in a room and left him there for the rest of his life. Robert could have chosen to take no prisoners and raze the Iron Islands, obliterating House Greyjoy in the process--one nation against a kingdom isn't going to win a war, even with their fleets. But no, Theon was accepted and treated with every courtesy as befits his birth, included him in almost every activity, and generally tried to make him feel like part of the family--even though they had no legal obligation to do so. He did not have to love the Starks--but attacking the home that sheltered and raised him is shitty, pure and simple. Hopefully, some torture and humiliation will improve his behavior, similar to the gradual turn-about Jaime is experiencing since losing his sword hand. It's amazing how quickly arrogance diminishes after losing a few body parts. Take that, Dr. Phil.
  2. [quote name='LugaJetBoyGirl' post='1294125' date='Mar 30 2008, 21.31']Oh, and for the Hound fans, GRRM pretty much said that he was alive, saying 'it will be very interesting to finish his story, since he is such a grey character.'[/quote] ThankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOU! Oh my God, that is the [i]best[/i] news I've heard all day. All week, even. I knew GRRM wouldn't just leave us hanging. Bless that man. Maybe we'll get that Sandor POV after all. *fingers crossed* Oh, and fabulous chapter too. It's all about those hard choices, isn't it? If Jon doesn't have the makings of a great leader, I don't know who does.
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