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  1. I can't believe none of you realizes how stupid it would have been for them to cram Stannis into the end of this episode. Everybody would have rolled their eyes and called bullshit if this battle ended the exact same way Blackwater did. I can see it now: "Really show? You show two battles in 4 seasons, and both are directed by the same exact guy, and both end the same exact way?? Seriously? Real fucking original, Game of Thrones." We absolutely needed an episode break before Stannis' charge, because it's going to be balls-to-the-wall epic when he shows up.
  2. LOL D&D even get criticized when they stick to the books. I no longer know what these people want.
  3. LOL at counting the NW deaths. No wonder some of you get no joy from this show.
  4. Mother fuck a Stannis Baratheon. How badass was Jon fucking Snow?? You insane Stannis cult members will have your fun next week. Chill the fuck out lunatics.
  5. Against it. He was given Bowen Marsh's lines, and Ser Alliser was given Jon's lines.
  6. Seriously? This has easily been the most well-paced season of the series. We're spending so much time with these characters instead of just jumping around from camp to camp and adding every character into every episode that hurt season 2 so much. This season has exceeded expectations for me. Everything they're doing is so fantastic.
  7. God damn you D&D, now I'm going to have to listen to people bitch about Littlefinger saying something different than he does in the book. Ugh, you guys pick the worst times to change things.
  8. Because of dogs? She ran because of two dogs? Fuck off Yara, you're no Asha.
  9. Woah. That's the biggest reveal in the entire series. :stunned:
  10. 9. That last speech was epic. The command that Clarke has over that language is so got damn hot.
  11. I see a lot of people docking points for the Bran scene because it was "confusing for the Unsullied." It's supposed to be. His chapters around this time were confusing to those of us that read the book, but I don't see why that is all of a sudden a problem now while watching the show. All of my Unsullied pretty much had the exact same reaction to that scene: "Holy shit, Bran is FINALLY interesting, wtf was that?"
  12. 8 for me. Not as good as the premiere, but damn good fun. I feel for the ones who can't separate the show from the books, because this is such entertaining television. I can't imagine what it must feel like to sit there and be mad at your TV for an hour every Sunday when this is on. Ugh. I do think that the show could greatly benefit from following the example Martin set with Feast and Dance, and the episodes should be split up by region/interconnecting storylines. The Dreadfort and Dragonstone stuff just didn't flow with the King's Landing stuff. It was literally like watching 2 different shows. The wedding was so colorful and some Dany sprinkled in would have fit much better with the aesthetic and the flow of the episode. I feel like the show should be trying as hard as they can to keep the Dreadfort, The Wall, and Bran storylines together, and the King's Landing and Daenerys storylines together, with Stannis sprinkled throughout when the theme syncs up. We've got 2 competing tones/color aesthetics going on in the show right now and it feels awkward when they're mixed up. Obviously you couldn't stick slavishly to this formula, but I think it could help the flow better.
  13. I'm sure many people have seen them, but if not, just type in Honest Trailers. I have spent all night in uncontrollable laughter.
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