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  1. All my life, I had wanted to be Chandler, but someplace along the way I had become Monica instead...

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      AK, nope... KotS... No need... I have made my peace with that.

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      King of Winters

      As long as you're at peace with that notion.

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    Board Issues 4

    I need to ask what is with the CAPTCHA today... I had to do three or four in couple of hours tonight... I know I am a bit too much on boards these days, but vacations... At my grandma's... Do I need to say more? I can swear I am not computer. No computer has this annoying personality :)
  3. A man who inspired me to pursue my career has come to Westeros... And he plays to win... :)))

  4. After last week's conundrum of how to vote, I have to say this one was much easier. This episode goes 8/10, and well, we'll have to discuss in depth of the overall rating of this season. I am not some book purist, but the biggest let down was Tyrion and the entire Jaime/no-Tysha/killing-Tywin-for-Shae thing. This show needs a great anti-hero, the likes of Tonly Soprano and Walter White, or even Gregory House, and the books relatively give us that. The show's depiction of Tyrion is simply uninteresting. I thought the gloomy heroic type is Jon, but Tyrion gives him run for his money... So, despite how much I loved Tyrion in episode 7 (which was my favorite Tyrion episode in, well, almost entire show), I have to say that this was such waste... As for Jojen's death, I didn't see that coming, but in a way I understand it. Even in ADWD, Jojen keeps repeating how he's gonna die, so I imagine this was just skipping some steps. Arya was so lovely this episode... And I had such great fun watching Lena... Bloodraven was too human but likable. Stannis' army made me feel like I was watching Pelennor fields battle all over again... Ah... Also, loved that look Mel gave to Jon... BTW, I have to say I was so happy watching those burned skull and bones... I finally felt like Dany has some tough choices to make... No Stoneheart... IMO, big mistake... This episode needed truly dramatic turnover that would stick in the minds of viewers in the weeks to come. I suppose we'll see it at some point... So, 8/10... Tyrion and the lack of LS are major complaints, with that kame hame move by Leaf... And, the music... If anything in this show deserves perfect 10, it's the music... I bow to the excellence of Ramin Djawadi...
  5. Do me a favor. Read the OP. I wrote it... I honestly don't understand your point here. I suppose I should thank you for the pity. I have updated this thread with some threads, and some I wish I included, but at that moment I simply didn't remember them, like Ragnarok's Tywin essays which is amazing thread, or some other threads... That is why, as I said, this is an opened, not closed thread where people link the threads they liked etc. If you think I have forgotten something, please let us all know. Otherwise, I sincerely don't see the point of all of this.
  6. As far as I know, I am not a mod :) R+L=J is on v83. It passed... When I asked for permission to update the thread, I went through the last edition, as some analysis I considered belong here and weren't included. Naturally, not all threads are included and as such, line must be drawn. Some of people may be angry, but I have decided that the most popular theories as well as some of the finest analysis comes into this thread. Personally, I had no preferences here. I know some things are missing, that is why this is an open thread...
  7. To quote the OP: Open the thread where we can discuss it. There we can tell you what we think. Hey... Nice to see you around...
  8. The funny thing is that I still haven't rated it... For me, this episode fell short where the Blackwater stood out. Those pauses between battles in Blackwater were stand-out scenes, here it's more of a mush of characters that weren't fleshed out. And that is the consequence of the mistreatment Wall subplot had to endure for the past, well, almost 3 years, especially this year with endless supply of fillers. There were good moments here, but generally this was Blackwater-wannabe episode that simply didn't bring the small moments that made Blackwater so memorable...
  9. Yeah, I know that... But, one has to wonder why two giants didn't just lift the gate and people made it permanently opened? This was a plot hole if there ever was one...
  10. Yeah, but you and donkey are not of the same efficiency... Here, it was positioned that way that the mammoth and giant were the same. And what's weirder, giant succeeded in such short notice that it is almost hilarious.
  11. I don't hate the approach. I am not book purist, but this was just bad in terms of characterization. Entire season we have fillers, and now, we wonder why the crown jewel of the Wall subplot didn't work? The characters weren't fleshed out and we now wonder why it was out of pace. We keep Jon tapping in one line, and now suddenly we remembered he needs to be taking the control? This episode was the product of not thinking some things through. As for the adrenaline... LOL... Nice way to fill the obvious plot hole. Congrats to you and your friends :cheers:
  12. This is what is my main problem. For almost four years, the Wall didn't have its proper moment, Jon's storyline was handled as it is almost secondary, and this year, it showed more than any other. The supporting ensemble in any other subplot, like Bronn, Shae, Brienne and Podrick in KL or Missandei and Greyworm in Essos are all fleshed out. Wall characters simply weren't. There was something lacking in the characterization that would make this episode be as memorable as the Blackwater was. There was a moment of pure gold in cinematic way when the camera almost flowed through the courtyard focusing on each element of the battle. But, it was too short and not enough... This wasn't nearly as epic as they made it sound.
  13. I do understand what they intended and I wished they had done the better job. I am not complaining about Stannis, I am actually complaining of the episode itself. When you haven't made sure that your characters for such centric episode are fleshed out enough, you do have a problem in maintaining the attention for 50 minutes. This was like never ending marathon. I do wanted nice NW episode, I wanted it to be as epic as Blackwater, but it wasn't. It failed where it should have been the strongest. This was all about Jon's growth? yes, it can be said that way... But, this episode failed to make a nuance in that approach. It was basically "OK, here I am, nothing changed, let me take control" There were ways to make this episode better, even without being super purist about it. the structural issues, no fleshed out characters, some strange pause, and illogical gate subplot (why do they need a mammoth, when a single giant could have pulled it up?) Yes, Sam saying "open the fucking door" might have pushed the right buttons for some, and it was indeed funny, but at the end, that's just not enough. This... I mean, the characters on the Wall are just group of extras, with exception of Sam and Jon... When you have this type of episode, you make sure you have enough to make it through the end. Blackwater had Tyrion, Sansa, Cersei, Hound, Bronn, all established characters. This one had nothing. It had Jon whose "learning to lead" path was done in such weird way that it is almost hysterical, and Sam who was more or less confused about what to do, with a deal of courage... The rest of gang is flat line... This just didn't push the right buttons, as the episode, not as adaptation.
  14. There was a time when I would ask for explanation, but not anymore... And, btw, as someone who has watched Vikings, I do believe this was such bad episode. Was this simple enough, dear?
  15. And this was a good Jon Snow episode? I have no problem with Stannis not being there, I have not problem with the deaths, but this was epic failure. This was like wannabe-Blackwater, and ended somewhere in confusion of what makes a good episode with an epic battle. Nothing here was faithful to the books, and that even isn't the issue here. The issue is that this sucked as the episode, not as the adaptation. This was badly constructed, unimaginative, humorless, uninspiring... There was CGI on some moments, but at the end, nothing that would live up to "as big as Tv gets" This was worse than Jaime raping Cersei and the beetles talk together... Not having Stannis tonight was the least of this episode's failures. Oh, dear... We have been in that club long before Stannis and Jaime :)
  16. Trust me, sometimes I feel they are doing the service to the character by omitting her. Keep wondering... Let it be shrouded with mystery...
  17. I am genuinely puzzled why do we keep talking about one thing that wasn't in tonight's episode aka Stannis, when there are so many things that sucked IN the episode? Question for the philosophers, apparently...
  18. DISCLAIMER 1: Not a purist DISCLAIMER 2: Not a Stannis fan DISCLAIMER 3: Didn't bother with the deaths... But this sucked... This really sucked. This didn't suck in "books are better" way, this sucked in "this is bad episode" way... And unfortunately for the producers, we still do remember Blackwater. Can't even make myself to vote.
  19. OK, time for another link. I am adding this wonderful analysis of Cat Stark - The Wisdom of Catelyn Tully as a very thorough and positive view on the moves Catelyn Stark has done during her life. When the time comes, this analysis will find its place among many others... Gratitude goes to the OP of that amazing thread, Salinda.
  20. One post in one year gap is a lot of talk? :) Can't imagine how we would call it if there were two posts...
  21. Maleficent my ass, that was Bloodraven reference if there ever was one...

  22. Thank you... Everyone are speaking about Black Swan and Maleficent, but in universe this was Bloodraven to the core...
  23. With a few misstep here and there, this was rather interesting, and for me as Sansa fan, truly memorable episode. Long story short, Sansa and Oberyn ruled this, unfortunately in different directions. The end was as gory as it should have been. I know some viewers don't like it, but the books leave no imagination to what has happened there, and the duel was nicely done. The Oberyn's mobility was something expected and there was a nice flow to it. Liked how he handled the spear, it was indeed nicely done. I loved the keeping "You raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children" and Pascal was absolutely phenomenal in making each of those times slightly more irritated. I am sincerely pleased at how show maintained the twist we have in books, and how our hopes were crushed in the very same cruel way it was done in the books. I assume the Unsullied rage has went over the top... On the other hand we have "from Aurora to Maleficent" Sansa Stark. The end is there. This is all we have from Sansa in terms of book material, and I believe that we have concluded with her this year. How I feel about this is another story. This was truly from zero to hero transformation and although it felt a bit too fast, this was something that truly opens entire array of possibilities. Now, we can either conclude that Alayne Stone is the mask that never went deep in Sansa's psyche, or at least that is where the show is heading. TBH, there is a huge gap between Sansa's Alayne in TV and Sansa's Alayne in the books. This transformation was, in terms of her playing the game, phenomenal, but there is a feeling that TV Sansa is going into, if not "warrior princess" mode, than in some sort of "ice queen" which, again, can be problematic. I do find her acknowledgement of what LF wants rather interesting, and I assume that this indeed is TWOW spoilers in which Sansa realizes what LF wants from her. As for the vamp costume, we should never forget one thing - she sow it. She made that costume. She was the one who made her look that way. Not LF or anyone else. Sansa has turned herself into a player, and that can go in many directions... All and all, if we are to end her storyline this year, it is in many ways, interesting ending. Now, at least no one can argue that she is silly little girl :) ETA: Let we not forget a bit crow-ish appeal of Sansa. Bloodraven, much? In conclusion, interesting episode with Sansa and Oberyn taking the crown this week. Both Turner and Pascal were amazing and truly wonderful addition to the cast. I am going to miss Pascal... As I miss Oberyn :(
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