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  1. 6/10 Not the worst episode, but kinda weak. They pretty much confirmed they fucking with Stannis storyline though, he either die in the battle and has nothing to do with Shireen's death in the books, or he wins, survive and reunites with her to do the sacrifice. Whatever the case, no true man can say D&D didn't fuck up the character after this season.
  2. 8 I would have given it a 9, but the Dornish plotline was as bad as we all dread. I know the ending will make some people hate this episode, but given the changes, it was necessary, also the acting was great and so the dialogue. Sophie and Alfie continue to be some of the best actors in the cast
  3. Yeah, pretty much this, from a show/non-reader perspective this was the best episode, and 99% of the unsullied are losing their shit right now, but for us, when you compared to the source material, it certainly fell flat and underwhelming.
  4. 9.5 It was good, but could have been perfect if they have stayed closer to the books. Even though I wanted to see LS, I already predisposed myself to not expecting it, so I wouldn't be dissapointed :p I don't understand why they didn't finish with Tywin's death, or why they omited Tysha (and Jaime's involvement of it) but I'm glad they won't use "where do whores go" My biggest complain have to be Brienne vs Sandor, I really didn't like that change, actually I didn't like what they did with the hound for the last 4 episodes, so whatever... :dunno: Really good episode still... Bran's and Stannis's scenes were great
  5. 9 great episode, but some scenes/storylines could have been done better. Too much time wasted on beetles and grey worm/missandei. The Arya/Hound scene feel ended a bit weird. And Moat Cailin was rushed IMO. Anyways the duel and the Eyrie makes this episode for me. Better than I expected :thumbsup:
  6. Ok, so, who do you think is going to be framed for Lysa's death, some random guard? They'll say she commit suicide?
  7. Who do you think will be taking the blame for Lysa's death? There were no one else on the room to take Marillion's place. I remember reading Mord will be this season, but it won't make any sense since he wasn't even there?
  8. First episode I didn't enjoy an Arya/Hound scene, the dialogue during the gift of mercy was cringeworthy, and the random way Rorge and Bitter show up and die in 10 seconds was lame. Also the season is almost over and Sandor hasn't even mentioned Sansa, not even once, wtf? The Eyrie scenes were great, Sophie was amazing as always, but who is going to be framed for Lysa's death? That little detail left me with a bad taste for what it could have been a great ending. Brienne and Pod, whatever...there was Hotpie!!! Best part of the episode :P Tyrion/Jaime and Tyrion/Bronn were ok, but I think Bronn should have explained what the hell happen with Shae :dunno: Oberyn was ok, but once he started telling the story I was hoping they mention the reason why the Martell went to Casterly Rock, but they're probably saving that for next episode. Edit: change my vote to 7
  9. 10 The trial was perfect, probably the best 15/20 minutes so far in the 4 seasons. Emmy for Peter!! :commie: I love Jaime/Tywin scene Braavos :bowdown: Meereen was ok, and that's saying a lot since I hate Dany :P My only complain was that Yara attack seem a bit pointless, but it was still good
  10. 7/10 Good episode, but nothing really big happened. My only complains are all small ones, like Rast death (I know all the CGI budget goes to the dragons, but we deserved to see some direwolf badassery) or Dany scene feels to rushed again, like they could have explain her reason to stay a bit better, and how the hell the news of Joff's death arrive so fast LOL
  11. 10/10 love it, Bryan Cogman did it again. My only complain is that Jaime/Brienne was too short, but still amazing episode Ser Pounce FTW Jon knowing Bran is north, good change, I always though it was idiotic for Sam no to tell him And the WW, we all suspect something like that is what happened to Craster's child, but why did the great other wear clothes? :P
  12. Did they show what happened to Cat's body? I mean, if the Freys didn't throw her at the river how could the BWB find her body later?
  13. 8/10 Arya's awesomeness balanced my "nerd rage" of Stannis wanting to burn Gendry after only 1 king died. I was expecting LS as the ending scene, but good episode anyways.
  14. I know I'm a minority here, but I wish they had show more of the massacre outside of the Castle, of course they probably show the fire and Robbwind next week. Queenscrown was amazing Dany was...meh... 9/10
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