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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    I’m a huge fan of the books and the HBO Tv Series. I’ve always dreamed of acting professionally, so, naturally, I dreamed of how wonderful it would be to act amongst the other child actors of Game of Thrones. As I read the series, I found the young character of Quentyn Martell to be absolutely fascinating. I was gripped by his story arch, to the extent that I even reread his chapters a few times after reading them, and extensively studied his character. He’s a young boy of 17 (as I am), he has black hair, brown eyes, is tanned from his desert home, and is short and stocky for his age (also as I am). I suit the physical description of Quentyn, unless the show's directors want something different in the actor. I can empathise with Quentyn. I’ve always tried to do my father proud, to gain his respect, make him see my worth. I’ve also always been small for age, and I read a great deal. Quentyn is a boy, trying to impress warlords, queens, warriors, and dragons. He is one of my favourite characters, and I would be honoured to play him. Does anyone think that I could? Naturally, I’ve chosen to remain anonymous, as I fear ridicule, and that I might not be worthy of what I strive for.... Much as Quentyn Martell felt. Just sayin’. I have an agent in London who’s in touch with all the HBO auditions and procedures etc. If anyone thinks I don’t have a chance, then that’s fine, and I understand. I know it’s a fiercely competitive business, and, perhaps, there will always be someone better suited for the part. I just wanted an objective opinion on this, and the people on this forum seemed like they were the best people to go to for that, what with their dedication to the series and the fact that many of them appreciate the show in a critical aspect and enjoy the acting especially. Does anyone think I might ever have any chance? Please, be constructive. Thank you, here is a link for my resume, including a picture of me- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b9saS_4GOL52GEkCDi7Op78mklQH0rsWBVLLC-ehP-A/edit
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    [TWOW Spoilers] Miscon reading : two Winds of Winter chapters

    GRRM also read out an Arianne Martell POV chapter, which describes her being sent to Griffin's Roost by her father, who has had a raven from Jon Connington describing Aegon Targaryen's return to Westeros. She arrives at Griffin's Roost and meets Jon Connington, who informs her that the Golden Company and Aegon left for Storm's End a few days ago, and CAPTURED it with minimal losses. Arianne is intrigued by this returned prince, who took one of the most impregnable fortresses of Westeros with "minimal losses." She and her escort begin journeying to meet Aegon.
  3. You're quite the raconteur man, some good arguments

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