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  1. We'll see if this has any effect at all during the municipal elections here in Bavaria. I guess those will be the only ones where Corona might matter.
  2. Why do I get the impression that our political system is imploding? The Weimar vibes are definitely intensifying right now.
  3. In that case, I'd recommend cleaning up your messages folder and writing to me with a few more details like where exactly you are and how long you are going to be there, because most of SW Germany is easy for me to reach on the weekends at least
  4. You might also look for people on this board who live close to where-ever you are right now. Sure, it's still getting to know new people, but there should be less time wasted looking for common interests.
  5. So... a person who has become a friend over the last two years told me on Friday that they are actually trans. I thanked them for their trust in telling me this and offered my support and care with that information. Still, this is a new experience for me, so if some of the good people of this board have any advice what else I can do for them, that is much appreciated.
  6. Germany,but grew up in Switzerland. Probably counts as both, as I have both nationalities and live in Germany at this time.
  7. So, my anxiety issues that I thought I had put behind me half a decade ago returned. This weekend, I've had massive panic attacks that were as ad as those twelve years ago, at the worst point of my life. Shit.
  8. Welcome, Depression, old friend. I had almost forgot about you. Nice to see you stop by. ... Sadly, I don't have any space for you in my life right now. So if you would be so kind, would you leave now, please? ... Thought so. Well then, you know the place. Hope it's to your liking.
  9. My anxiety has been absolutely crippling lately. I have a new job starting in October. Notably, I was asked to apply for that job by my prospective boss, so it's pretty clear they want me in that position. Application papers had to be handed in by last weekend. I managed to get that done. But re-writing my CV, copying my qualifications and filling in the official application forms just brought my impression of myself as a total failure to the fore - while applying to a job I was personally asked to do by my prospective boss, that would stabilize my financial situation and that I've been angling for for almost a year. The two days of preparing all that paperwork were a nightmare of nervous breakdowns and massive self-doubt. They sure wouldn't want me for that job anymore after seeing my underwhelming CV I thought, even though I know the prospective boss knows what I'm capable of and wouldn't have asked if he thought I wasn't up to it. Oh man, I hate my psyche.
  10. Since the Dreadfort is in the North, that would be Snow... But it would be wise never to call Ramsay such.
  11. You're quite the raconteur man, some good arguments

  12. Hello, I'm theguyfromtheVale (or really, from Switzerland). I've been lurking here for quite a while now, but got me an account just now. I discovered ASOIAF in September and have been pretty much obsessed with the series ever since.
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