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  1. So... a person who has become a friend over the last two years told me on Friday that they are actually trans. I thanked them for their trust in telling me this and offered my support and care with that information. Still, this is a new experience for me, so if some of the good people of this board have any advice what else I can do for them, that is much appreciated.
  2. Germany,but grew up in Switzerland. Probably counts as both, as I have both nationalities and live in Germany at this time.
  3. Since the Dreadfort is in the North, that would be Snow... But it would be wise never to call Ramsay such.
  4. You're quite the raconteur man, some good arguments

  5. Hello, I'm theguyfromtheVale (or really, from Switzerland). I've been lurking here for quite a while now, but got me an account just now. I discovered ASOIAF in September and have been pretty much obsessed with the series ever since.
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