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  1. The guy from the Vale

    Congratulations brook and karaddin!

  2. The guy from the Vale

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    Please share your wisdom, enlightened one. Inquiring minds would like to know what else happened in Portland - because that's all I got from that incident. And it's not the first time a right winger would have used a car to run over progressive protestors. Charlottesville comes to mind, for example.
  3. The guy from the Vale

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    Eh, I disagree about that last statement. Burning Ethanol as fuel is a terrible use of booze, though.
  4. The guy from the Vale

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    @Chaircat Meow Um, yeah, about the Nazis and abortion... @Rippounet already alluded to it, but you're seriously ignorant about the Nazis. Yes, they forced abortion on Jewish, Roma, non-white and disabled women. But they also made it illegal for doctors to tell anybody they'd perform abortions (a law still on the books in Germany) and massively increased the punishment for getting an abortion while restricting access to contraception. The common thread in al of this was, of course, that the decisions about fertility and child-bearing were not individual, but made by the state. And contemporary American conservatives sure tend to see this very similarly, even if they slightly differ in how that principle would be applied.
  5. The guy from the Vale

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    Considering his role in the CIA's torture program, he might well be punished for the former before then. I'm not holding my breath though.
  6. The guy from the Vale

    German politics xth attempt

    I know, but depending on how bad the shellacking of the CSU turns out to be next month (and I'll be happily involved in said shellacking), Seehofer may well force Merkel's hand on the former.
  7. The guy from the Vale

    German politics xth attempt

    I sense a vote of no confidence in the next 12 months. Possibly even this year.
  8. The guy from the Vale

    UK Politics: This Country is Going to the Moggs

    Not quite. The EU (and hence, Tusk) would prefer to have good relations with the UK, but needs to protect the integrity of its four freedoms. Allowing the UK to cherrypick which of these freedoms to apply and which not to would mean that every ssingle country in the EU would leave, trying to cherrypick the one or two freedoms they profit from while discarding the others. This would doom the EU in an instant. Therefore, the EU position in these negotiation is (and has been for two years now,) that the UK can have whatever Brexit they like - as long as the don't cherrypick which of the freedoms to keep. In fact, that has been a consistent pattern for the EU when dealing with partners like Switzerland or Norway for decades now, and Brits who thought they'd get preferential treatmnt from the EU after just snubbing it were delusional.
  9. The guy from the Vale

    U.S. Politics: Death and Tax Cuts

    Quite the opposite in case of the Nazis. The Nazis saw the world as a struggle of various peoples (which they usually called races) for control over finite resources. Germany in particular lacked the agrarian base to feed itself (which the Nazis sought to remedy by conquering Ukraine and turning the population into slaves), iron for steel manufacturing (which they sought in France, and which was ultimately the reason for the foundation of the ECSC, the first precursor of the EU) and oil (which is another reason for Germany's focus on the Caucasus region during WW2 - the Caspian Sea contains a lot of the world's Oil and Gas reserves). They didn't start that war just for the lulz, or out of revenge (why would they want to take revenge on Russia, anyway?), but to establish a colonial land empire similar to the American Frontier or the Russian colonization of Siberia a century earlier and that wish for a colonial empire was fuelled by the impression of having need of resources that were not directly availale to Germany.
  10. The guy from the Vale

    German politics xth attempt

    Schäuble is kind of unlikely to be around in ten years; he's already 76. That said, yes, the disregard for infrastructure programs over the last decade is certainly felt clearly, and the coalition parties seem entirely uninterested in the issue. Heck, we're mostly still on copper wires for internet access!
  11. The guy from the Vale

    German politics xth attempt

    Headlines this morning are crazy nd all over the place. Seehofer is deserving of the "Crazy Horst" nickname once more.
  12. The guy from the Vale

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    I'd even argue that the point where the USA ceased to be a democracy alread happened. It occurred in two steps: Citizens United turning the political system into a plutocracy and the repeal of the Voting Rights Act turning it into a one-party system. Of course, both predate Trump, but he benefitted massively from both of them.
  13. The guy from the Vale

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    Choices mtter, and your vote never mattered more than now. Don't give in to despair, Jace. That's precisely what the Republicans want you to do. If you give up now and don't vote when you have one last chance at stopping them, you're complicit in their success. Don't give in, as tempting as that may feel, or you're just as complicit in your own downfall as Tywin with his calls for civility. Here, have a Yale history professor and expert on the rise of fascism explain this to you: https://youtu.be/Eghl19elKk8
  14. The guy from the Vale

    U.S. Politics-Hope Floats 2: We All Float Down Here

    Because that gives you at least one check against Trump. One way his horrible legislation doesn't get rubber-stamped. One body that will see the Mueller investigation continues. Because for all the brokenness of the country, handing total control to the fascists and theocrats would be worse. You still managed to elect Obama just 6 years ago. You might defeat Trump in two years. But you will only do so if your legislatures and state legislatures stop the current power grab, and you have precisely one last chance at getting control of them. Use it. You may fail, but you need to try or you're lost.
  15. The guy from the Vale

    U.S. Politics: Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone

    @chiKanery et al. First they came for the Muslims, but I stayed civil, because I'm not a Muslim. Then they came for the refugee children, but I stayed civil, because I'm not from Central America. Then they came for the people of color but I stayed civil, because I am white. Then they came for me, but there was noone left to become uncivil on my behalf. Fight, Tywin. Fight for your life. @Everybody else: As discouraging as this is, you still have one chance at at least restricting Trump. It's the very last one: Vote in the midterms. Get your liberal friends to vote, too. Check you're actually registered to vote beforehand. Don't let the Republicans get away with this without massive losses in the house (and hopefully, Senate) at the very least.