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  1. The guy from the Vale

    To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question!

    Indeed, Isk nailed it. My social media usage is entirely restricted to messenger services and YT, where I tend to avoid the comment sections like the plague, plus what I need to do professionally.
  2. The guy from the Vale

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    In that case, I'd recommend cleaning up your messages folder and writing to me with a few more details like where exactly you are and how long you are going to be there, because most of SW Germany is easy for me to reach on the weekends at least
  3. The guy from the Vale

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    You might also look for people on this board who live close to where-ever you are right now. Sure, it's still getting to know new people, but there should be less time wasted looking for common interests.
  4. The guy from the Vale

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Your chances that he's into you are pretty good. Go for it!
  5. Relevant quote from the great, late Terry Pratchett.
  6. The guy from the Vale

    German politics xth attempt

    This is unfair. I do live in CSU country, but I never voted for these clowns and don't expect that to ever change.
  7. The guy from the Vale

    European Parliament Elections 2019

    "Asymmetric (De-)Mobilization" has been the Conservatives' electoral Modus Operandi (and quite successfully at that) for all of Merkel's time in office. I don't shed a single tear for them finding themselves on the receiving end of that strategy for once. But yes, in retrospect Spahn suddenly looks like the sane one in last year's leadership contest; a statement I would not have thought possible at the time.
  8. The guy from the Vale

    International thread 2

    Of course not. But that's how it was sold to the American public last time around.
  9. The guy from the Vale

    International thread 2

    Which is why the current developments involving Iran are so scary. Bolton seems hell-bent on finishing the Job he started under GWB - because Nation-Building and the Export of Democracy (hah! Iran is probably the second most democratic mid-eastern power after Israel, at least more so than the Saudis or, sadly by now, Turkey) worked out so well last time around. These neocons should be kept far away from power.
  10. The guy from the Vale

    German politics xth attempt

    I didn't, but some of my old stuff is still online there, so I keep checking up every few months or so. Also, I used to be a moderator there and had some interactions with him back then that told me to stay far far away.
  11. The guy from the Vale

    German politics xth attempt

    This feels familiar. I think I left that very board eight years ago, in part because of the jerk-ass host. (Name is five letters long, starting with an H, right?) @Wolfgang I I feel you. Switzerland is already alienating with their cryptofascists, but the things going on in Austria right now are really scary. The Böhmermann interview lately was just the last in far too many cases where pro-democratic discourse was treated like lèse majesté.
  12. The guy from the Vale

    How do you put on your bra?

    @Triskele make up your mind. If you don't take that title, I will. @Tywin et al.I have gotten quite adept at opening them, by men's standards. I have amazed quite a few hookups with my ability to pull it off in reasonable time. Improve your gane!
  13. The guy from the Vale

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    Well, Donnie is obviously Lockhart.
  14. The guy from the Vale

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    You'll need 17.5M for it to count though... and even then I fear May will just ignore it.
  15. The guy from the Vale

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    So... a person who has become a friend over the last two years told me on Friday that they are actually trans. I thanked them for their trust in telling me this and offered my support and care with that information. Still, this is a new experience for me, so if some of the good people of this board have any advice what else I can do for them, that is much appreciated.