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  1. Agreed also Pedro Pascal has been cast as Oberyn: http://cdn.theatermania.com/article/47987/1.jpg
  2. Just read that GRRM has officially confirmed that Oberyn Martell, Mace Tyrell, Magnar of Thenn, and Lady Stoneheart will all be in season 4, god I can't wait!!!!
  3. Cersei used Jamie as a coping mechanism for not getting Rhaegar and then later finding out that Robert was a pig, the same way she later used Lancel as a coping mechanism for losing Jamie after he was captured. I think if Cersei would have ended up married to Rhaegar or if Robert would have actually been a good/faithful husband to her, she would have tossed Jamie aside like a bad habit and would not have thought twice about it.......
  4. No I'm not but you still don't get it, Oberyn was one of three judges during Tyrion's verbal trial, Tywin's not gonna have someone who wasn't even at the wedding and didn't even see the poisoning take place as a judge, and yet Oberyn being one of those judges directly correlates to him also choosing to ultimately be Tyrion's champion. Not only that but the Martells presence at the wedding is also used as a tool to show the bad blood between the Martells and House Tyrells who have become a huge part of the story as well, or have you forgotten house Tyrell was also one of the big reasons Tyrion was so nervous about Oberyn's arrival to KL? Not to mention the producers probably want to give the audience a decent introduction into Prince Oberyn's character as well as House Martell in general, they're not just gonna throw him into the trail by combat and be done with him. Also has it ever occurred to you that once the producers make it known to the viewers that haven't read the books, the history of house Martell and Oberyn's desire for Elia's justice and vengeance against the Lannisters, along with his obsession with poisons, that D&D will use him as a red herring suspect for who really could have poisoned Joffrey? So that the viewers are even more caught off guard when it's revealed that Littlefinger and Olenna were the ones actually behind it? Like it or not Oberyn Martell definitely has a role to play in the PW storyline, and obviously the show's producers agree since they decided to wait until next season to have the PW.....
  5. The Martells absolutely have to be there for the PW, are you forgetting that Oberyn Martell was one of the judges during Tyrion's verbal trial? Or the fact that Oberyn Martell used his conversation with Tyrion prior to the PW as a means to study the type of person Tyrion was, in order to be able to confirm if he could trust that Tyrion would tell him the truth when he later question him about Elia's murder? Oberyn Martell at the very least has to be at the PW.....
  6. Well no not necessarily, yes new characters get added but a few character's/storylines are also getting taken away in the near future. The entire Robb Stark king of the North arc is now gone, the Jon/Ygritte storyline will soon be finished,Tywin, Joffrey, and Shae will also be gone soon along with a few others here and there. HBO will find a way to make it work....
  7. Just read a pretty interesting article on yahoo about the mainstream reaction to season 3 of GOT, that definitely makes the future of the show look encouraging, or at the very least puts tons of pressure on D&D to deliver in the next couple of seasons in order to keep the non book reading bandwagoners on board. But so far, so good...... Here's the article in case any of you are wondering : http://tv.yahoo.com/...-111527775.html
  8. Oh I agree with you, but I mean they could have done something at least a little better or rather more exciting than ending the season with Dany crowd surfing. Especially knowing that they spoiled the viewers with amazing endings to the first two season, therefore intentionally or unintentionally creating in itself a certain level of expectation for they way they end GOT seasons, ya know.
  9. Ya I totally get what you mean, but the real season finale for GOT in terms of how powerful of a presence the episode brings, is always the 9th episode of the season. Season 1 Ep9 Ned Stark gets his head chopped off, season 2 EP9 the Battle of Blackwater Bay, and season 3 Ep9 the RW. The 1st episode of the season is usually just to show us where the characters are to begin the season, the 9th episode has the "big moment" of the season, and the 10th and last episode basically just shows where the characters ended up to finish the season. So I wasn't really expecting much out of this final episode to begin with....Although I will say I was expecting a bigger ending to the season than we actually got. I mean in Season 1 we got Dany hatching the dragon eggs, Season 2 we got Sam running into the army of undead, yet in season 3 all we got was Dany crowd surfing? Definitely a little weak compared to what we got at the end of the first two seasons......
  10. The best part of that episode for me was seeing Maester Aemon back, god I love that old dragon! On a sadder note, I wasn't really feeling Dany's Jesus Christ mixed in with a little Jim Morrison crowd surfing moment at all, and I hate how the show has white-washed the living shit out of Cersie's character! Other than that, I think it was an overall pretty good episode for the finale.
  11. Haha perhaps Walder should have tried to quickly present her to Robb when they first made the agreement in season 1, at least just show Robb what she looked like so he knows there's a pretty little Frey present that came with the bridge. lol
  12. Haha omg yes that was so priceless! Robb was looking at her like, "Holy shit! That's her!" And then Walder looks at Robb like, "Ya kid, you fucked up!" Such a classic interaction lol.
  13. Is Lady Stoneheart going to make an appearance at the end of next season instead of this one then? Also I recently read this article on yahoo that seems to suggest that Michelle Fairley will be pretty busy for a while: http://omg.yahoo.com...gccmt-container And I've recently heard that there's been speculation that the show will make Talisa Lady Stoneheart instead of Cat, what do you you guys think about this?
  14. Ya I could definitely see that happening, I love the show to death but, I have to admit D&D kind of seem like they can be D-bags at certain times......
  15. Yo chill on the in depth Grey Wind analysis, I mean don't get me wrong I agree with everything you said 100%, but thinking about that shit in such detail is depressing as fuck lol. I'm seriously about to cry for Grey Wind right now after reading your post :crying: .
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