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  1. Barristan, Eddard and Cersei have their sad Rhaegar related moments as well. Only Dany thinks of Rhaegar without feeling sad but then again she had never met him.
  2. So many memorable moments, from GOT From SOS I suppose that in the beginning it is interesting to see Jaime laughing at perilous situations but as the story progresses his sense of humour becomes more cynical and it is all about self deprecation. Both Lannister boys do use humour as a defence mechanism though, Cersei can be ironic as well as long as she isn't the focus of the joke. And let us not forget that those are Tywin's children.
  3. Jaime's first chapter in FFC. He stands sigil for his father and thinks of many things, mostly how pointless the investigation for Tywin's killer is since he was involved as well, thinks of Rhaegar's final words to him. Basically every time a pov character recalls Rhaegar it is always a sad moment.
  4. Well Targaryens can be killed by dragons, just ask Queen Rhaenyra. On the other hand, it is quite ironic, the killing of a Targaryen monarch yet again but by a Stark this time. Jon became a kinslayer and a queenslayer.
  5. I think the whole point of Edmure-poor guy was humiliated by his own niece- was to remind us that there are still other domains and beyond Jon, Dany and Tyrion we do have other players, no matter how unimportant they may seem. Who was the dornish representative though? I probably missed his name. As for Sansa I suppose that her proclamation in the episode will be at least a chapter in the books where the Northern Lords and commoners will demand their independence. I think that tv Sansa was given aspects from Lady Dustin and Lord Manderly.
  6. I don't know how different their fates will be but for me at least the issue is not really what happens but how it happens. Sansa's and Theon's stories more or less were convincing, despite certain controversial aspects. Cersei's was also more or less believable, even though at this point in the books it is hard to predict how the situation will develop. Jaime and Dany though, those two, a shame. Two really good actors, two fascinating storylines and they rushed/distorted their stories.
  7. It did seem a bit random. I mean her maternal grandfather was mentioned that he loved to travel, and there was a Stark ancestor who also seemed to enjoy exploring. But so far in the books and the tv series her arc seemed to focus on revenge and her pack. Perhaps in the books we will be given more context in regards to that decision.
  8. Arya was the only character i wad really never invested to but she never seemed to care about wanderlust. She always seemed to care about her pack.
  9. Never thought that I would say that but Cat was right. It should have been Jon.
  10. So BR won and the Blackfyre rebellion is finally over?
  11. A song of ice and fire or a story of how Bronn son of.... became Lord of Highgarden and lord protector of the brothels.
  12. The Iron Throne never looked so lonely.
  13. Indeed. Possibly his greatest moment in the show. No snark or irony. Just bitterness and defeat. Also the jon tyrion scene mirrors the jaime tyrion scene in s4. Funny how in s2 at the hotu everyone thought that Cersei would be the one to burn the city.
  14. Was going to say the exact same thing!
  15. Tyrion's has aged a lot in a few minutes.
  16. He also really loved Jaime. He is now the last of the Lannisters. Sort of. Jon believed in Dany more though. So did Varys. But the scene with Tyrion discovering the hand was.... Also didn't Tyrion said something during his trial of burning the city?
  17. Odd how in s1 we had an important scene in the crypts about victims of targaryens and now this is repeated with actualbtargaryen victims.
  18. The sets do look lovely and devastating.
  19. Has this been mentioned before, the fact that the khals earn bells after a victory? Perhaps the sound if bells awake Dany's aspect if being not a queen but a Khaaleesi.
  20. Well Arya did experience the destruction of KL just like the smallfolk did. During the events of s2 she was treated just like the smallfolk, abused, imprisoned and taken for granted. We also have the brief encounter with the mother and the child which she failed to save. She intended to kill Cersei but perhaps she has found another, more beautiful queen for target.
  21. But the slavers were enemies who tortured innocents, the Tarlys questioned her claim and fought against her. The dothraki leaders expected her to remain with the rest of the widows, isolater. The innocent citizens of KL were her subjects. The Red Keep was the palace that her ancestors had built. There is a difference.
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