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  1. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP304 Discussion

    yea i think if Beric takes off his armor next episode & shows his chest wound with putrid blood oozing & festering out of the cuts it will add more depth to the show... lol naw i really just wanna see JS do a lord's kiss on some lips that are kissed by fire! will the carpets match the drapes?
  2. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP304 Discussion

    if Jon Snow becomes the Night King then Theon will become Hand to the Night's King (bran will intervene at his trial to save his life/prevent stannis & asha from killing him & make sure he takes the black & ends up as jons loyal servent to make up for all past transgressions against starks i.e betrayal of robb). Jon Targaryen & Theon Grejoy lay waste to westeros with their undead army covering the world in darkness/endless winter for what is dead may never die but rises again harder & stronger... jon is dead... what will he be when he is reborn?
  3. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    yep re-introduce Jeyne next season to go with Reek & Ramsay back in winterfell. makes sense to me...
  4. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    maybe the queensmoot will be next season with intro of Victorion & Euron with death of Balon. this season will have asha getting the f outta dodge & heading back to iron islands thinkin theon is dead. Theon Greyjoy is dead but what is dead yadda yadda blah blah blah...
  5. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    follow me here... asha is at deepwood motte & sends a small force to take over calilin. she will be in this season just like she was last. in season 4 she will try her queensmoot while thinking theon is dead (but by end he becomes reek!) so theons first betrayal or signal into madness is to help ramsay unwittingly kill the one of the last ironborn forces. then by RW he is being totured & his skin placed in robbs or catelyns hands next season we will get ramsay & reek back in winterfell im thinking while asha & other greyjoys get their shit together
  6. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    umm you might wanna check out preview for episode 4! ramsay is taking theon to Moat Callin to draw out remaining ironborn. then he will flip the switch. maybe not episode 4 but def by 5. also helps add name Theon TurnCloak before he becomes Reek sup busy bee. see any major rewrites coming to season 3? like you i have read the book so many times that i am getting VERY impatient waiting for the winds of winter so i would rather see the show really put their own "twist" on this season (SoS) to surprise me. i just don't get why season 3 won't end SoS. yes its got some important parts towards end but making season 4 again about SoS seems boring to me. then on top of that GRRM/D&D say they want to incorporate 4&5 into 4! too much i say, cut/edit SoS to make it work for season 3 then start anew with AFFC/DoD with season 4. yea we gotta have stannis,jon,mel parts from SoS in season 4 but danny will need to be in meereen & i would like to see tyrion/arya in essos as well. also besides the trial of tyrion in kl most of the characters story arc's will need to be from AFFC & ADoD
  7. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    well i know i'm right about tywin,joeffry,robb being dead. intro beric kill beric you get uncat so that is in the bag so to speak. arya in braavos for season 4 so hound left for dead after RW is happening. LC mormont shae ros ygritte are all gone by end of season. sorry peeps we are gonna have a HIGH death toll reminder show & books are seperate entities List of plotlines for season 4 gets us completely caught up to book 5: Tyrion & Jorah, Arya with FM training in braavos, Dany in Meereen, Sansa & LF in the Vale with lil boy mcshakey,Jon as LC with stannis mance & melisandre,intro of greyjoys & martells & aegon, brienne on quest with pod, jamie vs stoneheart, cersei vs marge with others as well but you get the picture. season 4 will put us even with the story as it CURRENTLY stands Game of Thrones,Clash of Kings, Storm of Swords, Feast for Crows, Dance of Dragons, Winds of Winter, Dreams of Spring that is seven books. hbo will fit entire series into 6 if we are lucky 7 seasons. while we are only three seasons in the show has gotta keep pace. the way most of you describe how you would like or think events will take place would put the show at 10 11 seasons which would be completely unfeasible i posted this in the wrong spot ignore if u want
  8. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    so by end of season jamie returns to KL for gold hand & Oathkeeper, tyrion marries sansa, joeff dies at his wedding tyrion is framed for S escape too by varys/QoT/LF, RW happens, jamie returns to HH with IP training to save B in BEAR PIT saves her gives her oathkeeper & she goes to find lady C but might find lady S. then Jamie returns to KL to free tyrion we get tysha/i killed your son scene then tyrion kills shae/tywin. enough lannister for for 7 episodes i hope so
  9. theREALjonsnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    can't wait! this scene willl be SWEET! i hope the beric & sandor fight is in episode 3 then after he kills beric they let arya leave willingly with the hound. also i belive melisandre might take the place of the woods witch & make some prophicies/visions with thoros